Damsel in Distress

Posted June 29, 2010 from India

As I stood there, at the break of dawn, I saw her; looking as elegant as she’d always been .If it were possible, she seemed even more beautiful today. In her endless gown that hid her feet, the sunlight caught the exquisite contour of her shape. The sapphire dress in its countless layers, were lined with hints of emerald. She looked like a rare gem, too precious to touch. Her dainty arms outstretched on either side, emerging from the white cottony cuffs of her sleeves. Her angelic face was tilted towards the sun, her big aquamarine eyes with its long eyelashes looking up at the heavens. Her full round lips were whispering something soft and mysterious, as though chanting an ancient charm .Her locks of gold were blowing in the gentle breeze, giving her a goddess-like appearance. She looked magnificent.

But suddenly, something changed.

The wind began to hiss in a menacing tone, and her soft whispers turned into a piercing scream. I saw her beautiful face transform right before my eyes. Her eyes were a dark shade of gray now, looking with vengeance around her. Her hair slapped around her face, caught in damp locks. Her rosy cheeks were streaked with tears of anger. Her immaculate dress that once resembled a jewel was now dappled with spots of grime, dust and sand. Torn at the seams, it was now ragged and black. Her arms were moving wildly in every direction, restless and agitated.

Her wrath was frightening. No one should’ve been anywhere near her, and I realized this just in time. Maybe it was best to leave her alone. It would be foolish to stay and be caught in her rage.

Never before had I seen the SEA like this.

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  • Pooja Agrawal
    Jun 29, 2010
    Jun 29, 2010

    Enjoyed the suspense.


  • Carri Pence
    Jun 29, 2010
    Jun 29, 2010

    An amazing entry where the ocean is a mystical fairy tale that everyone does fall in love with. Furthermore, I love how you illustrate the humbling effect that nature has on us, where we so often are terrified by the beautiful water around us, where it has taken so many lives. -Carri Pence