The Power of Love

Posted June 30, 2010 from India

Megan sped past the countless oak trees not caring where she went."as long as I'm driving ,and driving away from him,I'm safe,”she thought to herself,her heart pounding and her sweaty hands gripping the steering wheel.

She drove on until she realized that she wasn’t being followed anymore.Catching her breath,she turned around in her seat to make sure she’d lost the black mini-van she’d been hiding from.

Resting her head on the steering wheel,Megan thought back to the day’s events that had led to this chase,with the devil on her trail.

The devil;that’s right.he was nothing less than that.Her uncle.Her mom’s own brother.Her ‘Uncle Pooh’.

Still in her car,Megan tried to remember how it had all begun.

It was her 3rd birthday when Uncle Jack had returned from China and brought her the most exquisite doll she’d ever seen,owned or imagined.With her big blue eyes and silky golden locks,she was Megan's most prized possession.And since then,Uncle Jack had been honoured with the title of her favourite television character-Pooh.

Uncle Pooh was nothing less than a fairy god mother.Birthdays,Christmases,Thanksgivings or any ordinary day,he would shower her with the most wonderful gifts.She was his favourite niece-he would always say.

When she was 10,Megan lost her father in a plane crash,leaving her and her mom to fend for themselves.She was devastated,but Uncle Pooh swooped in and accepted the role of unlce ‘dad’.

While her mom worked all day at a grocery store and some nights at the café across the street,Uncle Jack would look after Megan just as her own dad would’ve done.He loved her even more now,and was by her side at all times.

Megan’s mom was relieved.She knew that her little girl needed a father badly,and Jack was amazing with her.Little did she know how much he ‘truly’ loved Megan.

It was on her 13th birthday,after all her friends had gone home,that Megan sat on her bed and cried,missing her father. As she sobbed,she heard her bedroom door open,and Uncle Jack walked in.

“What is it,sweetheart?” he asked concerned.He sat beside her on the bed as Megan wiped her tears..

“Nothing,” she replied."Just that dad was always the first one to wish me on my birthday,and now….now he…” as she burst into tears again,Uncle Jack put his arms around her and consoled her.

“Shshh honey.Don’t cry.I’m here,aint I? You wont ever need anyone when I'm with you,” and he began to stroke her back gently.

A few moments later,as Megan stopped crying,she realized that Uncle Jack was holding her a little too tight,and his hand no longer felt soothing. She moved away,in an awkward moment, and he just smiled and left the room.

Since then,he was a regular visitor to her room.He’d come,under the pretext of looking out for her,and told her how special she was. Megan never screamed or complained to her mom,even though she hated what was happening.How could she?This was her Uncle Pooh.He wouldn’t harm her,would he?Besides, she couldn’t tell her mom. She wont believe her.

So Megan kept quiet,silently bearing her uncle’s moves and advances.They become more frequent and more intense.But there was nothing she could do about it. He kept saying”its because I love you so much”.

Her mom never found out about it.And maybe she never would’ve,if it hadn’t been for today.

She was 17 now,and after four years of being abused ,she had become a loner.She had no friends because she was afraid they would find out about her dirty secret.And it worked perfectly for Uncle Jack. He now had Megan all to himself.

Today she was home early as it was a Saturday.She went up to her room and buried herself in her books. Sure enough,after about half an hour later,Uncle Jack came to her room. Megan could tell he was drunk.

“Wish me baby girl,” he said coming to sit beside her on her bed. “Its my birthday.Wont you give me my present today?” he smiled disgustingly and leaned on top of her. And like all the other times,Uncle Jack would’ve had his way this time too.

But something in Megan head snapped. And she knew the time had come. This was too much. She couldn’t take it any longer. She had to get away.

As she tried to search for some kind of weapon on the bed stand,her hand reached for the metal jug of water that was always there.

In one swift move,she caught the jug and with all her might swung it at Uncle Jack's head.

Groaning in pain,he moved away from Megan, and that was all the time she needed to shove him off of her and flee from the room.

She ran straight out the door only stopping to grab the car keys.She heard him running in the house,and knowing she didn’t have any time to spare, she ran to the car.

As she put her car into gear,she heard Uncle Jack’s car start as well. She pulled out of the drive way, not stopping or caring for the morning traffic.

With the minivan close behind her, Megan tried her best to get away from the crazy man driving it.

After almost an hour of driving around town,Megan had finally lost him.

As she sat in her car now,she knew what she had to do.She had waited too long,and never again would she let it happen another time.

Taking a deep breath,she reached for her cell phone.

Quickly dialing,she waited for the person on the other end to pick up.

A woman with a calm voice spoke,”this is 911.What is your emergency?”

Megan swallowed hard,but with all the courage she could muster,she clearly said “ I’ve been raped.”

Ending Gender-Based Violence

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  • Carri Pence
    Jul 01, 2010
    Jul 01, 2010

    It is sad to know that sexual abuse, and any abuse for that matter, is created by the perpetrator making us feel insecure, weak, and dependent. Causing victims to have a hard time to gain the strength they need to exit the relationship. Furthermore, once they leave the relationship they are still battling the self image that was created and defined by the abuser. Thanks so much for your entry, sad but a true story to far too many women. What are someways you think an outsider can do to help remedy GBV on a personal level? Where I feel as though if Megan had a friend that provided her strength the abuse might have not gone neglected for so long.

    With love and friendship, Carri Pence
  • nishita
    Jul 01, 2010
    Jul 01, 2010

    i think, more than anything, she needs to know it aint her fault. if there's somebdoy, even a stranger who can make her feel that its ok to let go, to open up and to talk about it without feeling guilty, i think it can help her cope, if not solve the problem. if she wishes to be anonymous, may be the stranger shud too. should find a way where she can talk, or even write, about wht she feels. i know for myself i would never talk about it if such a thing shud happen to me. i'd rather write about, i donno..just a medium of offering support before solving the problem.