Women should be economically empowered

Nishta Jooty
Posted July 9, 2018 from Mauritius

I believe in empowering women. By empowering a woman, we are empowering her family. Economically empowered women are more confident and have a say in the household matters; they can participate in the decisions concerning their children and their family. They will educate their children and hence contribute to the nation's development. Economically empowered women also have less risk to be the victim of gender-based violence.

As a leader and a role model, I encourage women to be assertive, to be confident and to dare to be different. I dream of a Mauritius where there are equal opportunities for everyone, where women are empowered and are given the opportunities they deserve and where they have a say in all matters concerning the country

This post was submitted in response to #WealthofWomen.

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Hi Nishta,

Welcome to World Pulse:-)

Thanks for sharing your views and post. I quite agree. I'm eager to hear more about what you're passionate about, what your mission is and how we can help you with it. In the meantime, you may want to check out Megha. She is a fellow, empowered powerhouse Mauritian on a mission to empower women. Perhaps you can collaborate: https://www.worldpulse.com/en/community/users/megha-venketasamy.

Looking forward to seeing more from you. Hope you have a great day!

Nishta Jooty
Jul 12
Jul 12

Dear Jlanghus,
Thanks so much for your comment. I know Megha very well :)
My current work on women empowerment is mostly about training women on soft skills. I will be posting more in the coming days.
Have a lovely day!

You're very welcome, Nishta. Great to hear that you already know Megha:-)

Awesome. Looking forward to hearing more about your mission and organization is.

Thanks, you too!

Jul 11
Jul 11
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Tamarack Verrall

Dear Nishta,
I so agree with you, and am glad to know about your work. For so many years we have been told that men only should have money. Who made up this rule?! We are changing this discriminatory barrier of women having our own money and with each of us who gains some independence and freedom from poverty and/or being controlled, we free women to live the lives we deserve and to become leaders in our communities. It is so good to know you are at work on this in Mauritania.
In sisterhood,