Awesome Saturday: Social Services Ministry

Naomi Kinyanjui
Posted August 28, 2010 from Kenya

Its been an awesome Saturday, helping to run and organize a garage sale at my church. The reason for the sale is to help raise funds for students in high school and college to pay for their fees. It was a chance for the poor the rich to come together for a great cause and i felt truly inspired. The students who are paid for fees are simply from poor families that just cannot afford to put school fees as a priority. It is tragic what some of us may take for granted.

I got to meet some of these students and i was interested in understanding what challenges they have, these are the ones i remember most: 1. Lack of school books or sharing school books 2. Discrimination when it comes to school meals i.e kids from poor families do not get food as nice as the ones from richer families - this was unbelievably shocking to me 3. Hurtful and negative messages such as "why are you bothering to study, you are poor and you won't get very far" 4. Worry and stress about family since i am in boarding school

But beyond all these challenges they have big dreams of becoming doctors, aeronautical engineers, etc My heart cries out to these kids and raising these funds will at least give them a peace in their hearts knowing there are others fighting part of their battles for them. Amen to that!

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  • Carri Pence
    Sep 02, 2010
    Sep 02, 2010

    These is no better charity than to give the gift of education. Education protects what soldiers cannot, heals what medicine ignores, challenges what governments give a blind eye to, and is more powerful than all the money in the world. We, as an international community congratulate you on your hard, blessed, and much needed work. Thanks with all my heart.


  • Naomi Kinyanjui
    Sep 02, 2010
    Sep 02, 2010

    Hi Carri Thanks for your note. I totally agree, knowledge is power and in some parts of the world they say that educating especially a girl is like educating a whole village!

    Ciao Naomie