My maker, my healer, my protector and my creator instilled this vision in me. In His words “Without vision we will perish”. I see myself having a small family one that gives me the support to dream big and achieve smart. The vision of my personal life is like most to be in a loving relationship with a partner who sees me for who I am and not for who he thinks I am. My spirituality has helped me get to be the person I am today. I have always dreamt of working in a non governmental organization that simply helps people. The thing about that statement is that it has recently become a bit shaky. I see big United Nations managers being driven around in the latest model of any vehicle you can think of yet I can’t even fathom what justification they can give to such exorbitant expenditures yet the funds should be supporting sustainable projects for livelihoods in developing nations. It’s a big thing in my mind now, because I am wondering if I need a big posh job in one of these organizations to make a change. Who would I be making a change for? Well I guess my comfort would be sorted out, but what about the grass-root citizens whose project I would be running? Less money for them? Don’t get me wrong I love some of the work that they do and the projects they run, it’s nothing personal although it mostly makes me sick to my stomach seeing the vehicles.

The communities I have grown up in are characterized mostly by poverty. In the African culture, the woman suffers the most from such poverty because they have to provide for the babies, while the men don’t necessarily get as affected about it. From poverty stems greed, corruption, anger, unemployment, insecurity and hunger all of which is thriving in communities across borders. How can we help change the mentality of people who see the big cars being driven out there yet they do not have a morsel of food to put in their bellies? I someday look forward to seeing a self sustaining community where children can be brought up safely, where women can get into businesses with confidence, where we don’t have to rely on a donor, where we as women are able to teach our girls that the world can be a much better place, and where women can standup as women and make decisions without any fear of what other people think of them.

As a citizen of the world we have a right to be ourselves, we do not need our thoughts or actions to be suppressed merely because they make one person a bit uncomfortable in their plush chairs. If it is a cause that could make a difference to many then I shouldn’t hold it back or shut it down, I should learn to start up and reboot. I think we sit down in a comfort zone of don’t speak unless you are spoken to purely out of fear. As a Voices of Our Correspondent, I would be able to give a voice for the voiceless concerning issues that affect the women of my community. I would be able to learn what best solutions we can adopt for this community. I am stuck between transformation and growth. I have connected with many Pulsers here but how can use this wonderful platform even more than this? How can I make it happen? Show me, teach me, and help me understand the ways.

2010 VOF Week 4

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Someone once told me to dust my certificate and look for a good job in these big NGO instead of starting small, he called my husband again to advise him because time is no longer on my side. Hmmnnn, but will big cars make me happy? I am still thinking about Sending my certificate to Jensine Larsen and telling her that my salary starts from six zeroes, because that is where I feel s happy with no body yelling on me like a deaf dog!

May all our beautiful dreams come through and true my dear sister. I can hear your voice, clear and loud.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

I share your thoughts, it is always difficult to see when charities spend so much within their orginization.. that could have been used to help someone. You give vibrant imagry to this issue when you describe the vehicles they drive. You have a wonderful vision and the spirit to see it through. My blessing to you my dear friend.

"One shoe can change a life" ~ Cinderella

It has already started with you. How beautiful are your words. How strong are your passions. How clearly I see your vision. How reachable are your goals. Why put off tomorrow, what you have you have already started today. It has already started with you! Keep your vision alive and continue to be a beacon of light, so we can hear you, see you no matter where we are.

Continued Peace

Shawanna "Let your speech always be your grace"


Dear Naomie,

It seems to me that NGOs and aid organizations come in all shapes in sizes, and also in varying degrees of effectiveness. When money is scarce, it's difficult to fathom how it could be spent on things like fancy vehicles. It sounds like the work you are doing, and the way you are doing it, maximizes money and efficiency. Bless you for this! But just be sure that while you are saving women and the world, that you are taking care of yourself, too.



resolved this year to think twice and to smile twice before doing anything

Hello from Afar,

"Without Vision we will perish", a strong and powerful message. I thank you for sharing it with all of us. The determination of women like yourself will prevail, and we are many strong as we build toward something more valuable and unstoppable.....

Keep writing and Keep Smiling!

In Kindness,