Just this evening, as i took a strool down my neighborhood, i had the chance to talk to my neighbour of two years, he sits every morning in deep thought, all because he cant find a job after two years out of the university, after so much talk and convinction, i am so fulfilled that he is currently enrolled to run a skill trainning in furniture making, he ran up to me this evening with tears in his eyes thanking me and saying that he was thinking about suicide if not for the shoulder i give to him to lean on in his time of despire,i couldnt hold my tear back.i just saved a life. I dont blame him,but is suicide the best option, i took up the challenge to try to counsell as much persons as posiible,its one person at a time, i know i will get there. Skill Education, is a change and development agent because it makes you work on your own pace and create jobs,which aids development. Skill education in the Nigeria come in different forms like bead making, fashion design, furniture making, hair dresser, bag makings e.t.c. this skill have help lots of youths in terms of employment/ empowerment, but due to poverty rate in nigeria, many cant afford to learn this trades. I have decided to train and develop youth to acquire skills because the Nigeria i know is full of little/ insufficient jobs. Pray for me as i work towards establishing an N.G.O that will cater for skill Education and Training in Nigeria for dis advantage people.

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I am impressed with your work. Our countries need this kind of initiatives . Providing competitive skills to our youth will enable them participate in meaningful development of our economies and stop being defendants.

Good luck sister

Grace Ikirimat (Community Champion-Leadership Group)

"It takes the hammer of persistence to drive the nail of success."

Thanks dear,we all need someone to lean on in times of difficulty, by educating our youth skillfully,we empower our community and it goes a long way in advancing our economy.

Thanks for the encouragement.