In a world where technology is always evolving and bridging the gaps of time and distance across the globe, web 2.0 is a timely intervention that is providing a stepping stone for grassroots women leaders to share and exchange ideas and skills without any limitation. The beauty about web 2.0 is that one does not need to be an IT expert or have prior specialized experience in new media but rather one with an open mind and with computer basics skills. It is not far fetched because many people today are registered on different social networks such as face book and Twitter thus beating the fear of exploring web 2.0 out of any one who would dare give it a try. Further more, the soft ware to run web 2.0 is readily available and most of the computers that we currently use are compatible with the program and can support it. This means that web 2.0 is not only for the few who can afford it but rather all those who have access to computers and internet are able to use this application. The web 2.0 offers a platform where women from all walks of life can voice their issues and ideas while finding support and solutions that fit their local context. With this platform, women are no longer left in the dark about global issues but also have a platform to air out their views and add their voices to the different advocacy campaigns against the abuse of women all over the world. The platform also provides an opportunity for grassroots women leaders to have their in put in the process of policy making. Where as some one may not be able to travel to another country so as to physically take part in the policy making process, they can still actively take part in the process through the different applications that web 2.0 offers thus engaging all women in influencing the policy and law making which in turn affects all women. Many women in different parts of the world have been denied access to information and education despite their desire to better themselves. I believe that web 2.0 can help bridge this gap by providing platforms where women can access up to date information regarding issues that affect them. I can testify to the fact that access to internet and different web 2.0 applications has enabled me acquire skills and knowledge that I was never able to access through formal education. These tools are empowering for me in that they will help me attain my dream for providing on line platforms where young girls and ladies can be empowered and mentored so as to reach their full potential. I believe there is so much untapped potential in young girls and ladies either because they have not heard access to formal education or no one has taken the time to believe in them. Web 2.0 can be used to provide such platforms.

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You do a great job in discussing the various ways that Web 2.0 can be used to help women overcome different challenges while increasing their voice internationally. I especially liked the idea that if a person has access to the internet, then this tool allows greater mobility in voice and access to different activities that help women more fully participate in policy and law making. You do a wonderful job describing the various ways Web 2.0 can be used. The only lingering question I have is how are you specifically using the technology to help women and girls become more empowered? I would have liked to have read a personal account of your Web 2.0 use.

Keep up the great job!



“Women have a special capacity to lead us to a more peaceful world with compassion, affection and kindness. And there is no more important time for that than this moment.” - Dalai Lama

Well done dear and as Denise said : we look forward to reading from you more. Keep it up !


Sahar Nuraddin

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