When I Look Back....

Raised by an independent, strong and loving single mother, I always believed that my life would be blissful until the day I got home from boarding school at thirteen to find relatives I had not seen in years and some I had never met gathered at our house. My aunt informs that they are gathered because there has been a death in the family and my beloved mother who I had seen a week ago had died and that the day my life came crushing. Being the Eldest child meant that I had to grow up faster for the sake of my sister who is two years younger, I had to step in and fill in my mother 's shoes. It meant that for her sake I had to strong and independent at an early age. I had my first job at seventeen so that I could support my self and sister. When my age mates were worrying about college assignments and boyfriends I worried about being a good mother figure, i worried if ever i would make enough to provide for her, i worried about what would become of her if i let her down. Having no formal college education did not stop my determination of making sure that my sister gets one. My entire purpose has been to give her the chances that i did not get. Its been a long and tough journey , they have been times when i have felt like giving up to the point of trying to take my life but when i look at the women she has become i would not have it any other way. Its been worth every tear, she has graduated from college. I am a proud mouth who found it so difficult to let go when told me she has decided to spend one year volunteering in another country and I had to bid her farewell. I look at my life now I am working and at the same time studying but I would not have it any other way .........

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Wow... your sacrifice and hard work are something that I admire greatly. I have a similar relationship with my sister, I am definitely the care-taker and the one that prioritizes her well-being.

Are you Zimbabwean by any chance? I went to school in South Africa and my best friend is Shona.

I look forward to reading more about you and your journey :)

In love and sisterhood,


Hie Sharese

Yes i am from Zimbabwe but currently based in Capetown , working and studying. II am happy to know that you have a similar relationship with your sister and you can relate to what i am talking about.

I hope we will keep in touch and get to know each other better.

Much love Nompumelelo