About Me: Well.. this is my first time hearing about this website, this organization and this whole thing for that matter. For some reason, something inside me told me to sign up. I'm gonna take it as a good thing.. Thanx Caroline for the email. =) As of right now, I don't know what to write.. I will be updating this for surely..! pCe + LoVe!! =)

My Passions: Wellness and Travel!!

My Challenges: Procrastination!!

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I am glad since it is very good to hear from woman from all over! There must be something inside of you that wants to be shared with us so I look forward to reading more of your journal! Have you traveled much? I love hearing about other places, both through the yes of ones how live there and through the eyes of the tourists. Traveling is one my list of things to do so until then I love to read about other countries.