About Me: mother of sarah shourd,one of the three american hikers being held in Iran since july 31st,2009..

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wanted to thank Kushku for her insightful commentary and for introducing the story to her readers..i see sarah everyday in young women like yourself,who do meaningful work in the world.thanks to all for the enormous support we have received from around the world...please continue to spread the word..

Dear Nora

It is really nice to have you here with us. I cant imagine the kind of pain you are going through. Bur it is really inspiring to see and experience your courage, and your optimism. We need to have the faith that everything will be fine. I pray for safe return of sarah and her friends. Please let us know if we can do anything from our sides.

Thank you for joining in here!

love Khushbu

Khushbu Agrawal

Nora, I cannot imagine what you and the family must be going through but any information you can share about Sarah with the community will help spread the word of her situation. I have included these actions to get the community started but a personal story from you would be wonderful in engaging the community with Sarah, Shane and Josh. It would be so helpful in raising awareness of their plight and to motivate people into action if they knew the real Sarah, and not see her as just a news item.

I will be holding you all in my thoughts and please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of assistance. Also, feel free to copy and past this information below and add to your new journal entry. Warmest wishes, Janice

To sign a petition for their release, which will be delivered to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Mission to the United Nations: http://freethehikers.org/?page_id=345

To write a letter to President Ahmadinejad and Chief of the Judiciary Sadegh Larijani calling for the Hikers’ release: http://freethehikers.org/?page_id=1573

To let the US government know that you care about Shane, Sarah and Josh and encourage your Congressional representatives to get involved in efforts to secure their release: http://freethehikers.org/?page_id=516

Please show your support by writing Shane, Sarah and Josh brief messages on a postcard, sending love, strength and good wishes to help ease their isolation. http://freethehikers.org/?page_id=367

dear Janice- thanks for the chance to speak about sarah..so here goes:i will email you what i've written since it doesn't look like it will fit here.nora

hi Nora, You can write a new journal entry about Sarah by logging in, selecting the "Journal" tab, at the top of your profile page and then clicking on the "Post to Your Journal" button.

I will add this comment as a new journal entry which will help people find it. Best wishes, Janice

Nora, I removed the article (comment) you wrote and created a new journal entry for you as this will be seen by more people. Best wishes to your and your family. We hold you all in our thoughts. Janice

An image would be great. Once you are logged in, you can go into the post about Sarah, and click on "Edit" to add the image. Simply scroll down to where you see the section to add images. I can also do it for you if you wish. You may email the image to me.

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