Hi Everyone,

I'm on my second day of reading the module 2 assignments. I still have a few left to read. I just got up and made a cup of coffee to take a break from the intensity of some of the stories. I just wanted to say (if my opinion counts for anything!!) that I think everyone did such great work. It never fails to amaze me the type of stories and the quality of writing that comes from all over the world. So congrats from me to all of you. I am so proud to be part of this group!

Lot of Love, Noreen

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It is amazing when one starts reading. I can't just stop once am on Pulsewrie. Today was a public holiday in my country (the inauguration of the President for the 4th time) but spent most of the day and this evening reading through the different posts. It's great!


All of you did such a fantastic job with the Frontline Journals! I'm still reading through all of them (like Noreen, I need to take small breaks in between as they are so intense!).



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