My op-ed was just published by the New Internationalist in England. They have a very nice magazine and a blog. I have contributed to both for a couple of years. I made a few changes but I think it's stronger this way.

Below is the link


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That's great! I'm impressed at how big of a pick-up it's gotten on FB/Twitter as well... did you see? Right now there are 70 Facebook shares and 16 Tweets.

Congratulations Noreen! Scott

Scott Beck

Thanks Sott! At the top of the article it shows 0 shares in both Twitter and Facebook. But the Twitter shares show at the bottom of the article. I don't understand that. But, I'm glad it's getting around!


I am happy for you sister. Indeed your voice is getting louder and louder. Keep up dear.

Grace Ikirimat "It takes the hammer of persistence to drive the nail of success."

Thank you Paulina..... actually I am very happy because there was a good response to the article. It was shared on Twitter and Facebook (mostly on FB). It's a good feeling knowing that my work is read all over the world!!


Hi, Thank you for the making World Pulse stronger and stronger! I think as the whole family of Pulse ,I feel great knowing other magazines are taking keen interests on our sisters works.

Lucia Buyanza Nurse-Midwife Clinical Instructor