The tools, resources and trainings I will like to have access to in order to feel more comfortable using the internet are;

Trainings on how to use Google docs, Skype, Google hangout, Dropbox, creating a professional quality document, digital storytelling, social collaboration etc

Personal laptops and Ipad are tools I will need

The resources can be through apps, can be cloud based, through the web etc

The challenges I faced when learning to use the internet

  1. The cost of accessing the internet
  2. Cost of generating power
  3. Cost of getting my own personal computer
  4. Lack of proper instructor

The challenges other women in my community face are;

  1. Lack of creation of time to learn
  2. Intimidation of going to the cybercafé, because of men.
  3. Cost of getting their personal computer or laptop
  4. Cost of generating power
  5. Cost of internet access
  6. Cost of getting trained
  7. The thought that learning how to use the internet is hard

I have overcome all the these challenges all by

  1. Not being intimidated to go the Cybercafé and learning how to use the computer/internet myself.
  2. By generating income through the internet , to be able to be able to afford cost of generating power supply, cost of getting my personal computer and cost of accessing the internet.
  3. By attending a lot of seminars/training pertaining to using of the web.
  4. Going online everyday, Googling and browsing for information’s and tools to make me better online.
  5. By being enthusiastic to learn. I met Mrs. Adebowale Olutosin during the Social Media Week, because I went there to learn how to build an App, But the facilitator did not turn up because she was ill, we were asked to join the session (WEB WOMEN WANT) that was how I met her. If I had not gone learn how to build an app, I will not know about World Pulse.

I have trained some people on how to use the internet both paid training and free training.

Also through my foundation Mobile Money Biz Loan For Women, I have been training women on the uses of the computer/internet and their benefits , also sharing my testimonies of how the internet has helped me in business. We give them little manual on the internet/computer.We are having another training tomorrow on the 26th April 2014. We intend to get our own vocational training centers where after learning a vocational /livelihood skill, they can also be taught on how to use the computer/internet for free all through the week.

I am also helping my fellow World Pulse sisters get online by helping them to create a website for FREE. This is our first website

Thanks a lot World Pulse, for helping connect with women who are raising their voices to make this world a better place.

Please like our page as we empower more women economically/vocationally and digitally

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Wow, you have done a lot of work to empower the women in your community and give them a voice online. I will go visit your website now to learn more about what you're doing. Keep up the great work!

Thanks, infact my initiative is being turned to a social enterprise, i have been accepted into an incubator in nigeria, i will be pitching to investors by july end to both local and international investors to invest in my idea,so as to enable us empower more women,through my innovative loaning system. i will be updating our facebook pages with our new status,in the months to come. we will be giving 10 selected women we have trained loans to do our proto-type in the first week of june. please invite your friends to like our page as we eradicate poverty by empowering women with skills and funds.

Okocha Nkem

Founder & C.E.O,Mamamoni (Behavioral Modification loans for women)

This makes me want to jump for joy! How wonderful that your idea has been accepted in to an incubator and you have the opportunity to pitch it to international investors! You go girl!!! And I will certainly share your news with my friends on Facebook to help you gain grassroots support here in the States, too...I mostly use Facebook for business and activism, and this is exactly the kind of thing my friends expect from me.

Yes, very nice work on the Eden Children website! Simple, effective and elegant. I also applaud Mrs. Chiazor for what she is doing to help the children receive a better education and a bright future. Well done, ladies!

Dear Novine You have done a very good job in helping others immediately you joined WorldPulse. I remember I saw you at the program Web We Want in Lagos. Thank you for joining the crusade and immediately you start making impact. Continue the good work my sister!

Love Busayo

Busayo ObisakinWomen inspiration Development centerIle-Ife, Nigeriabusobisaki@yahoo.comwomeninspirationcenter@gmail.com

Thanks Ma, I was really inspired by you and Mrs Olutosin. Do you have a website for women inspiration center? I can create one for you FREE.You only pay the domain registration company for the domain you want for your website.

Okocha Nkem

Founder & C.E.O,Mamamoni (Behavioral Modification loans for women)

Dear Novine,

It was wonderful to read about your strength and determination that neither intimidation at the cybercafes nor the formidable list of hurdles that you outline that you and other women continue to face, can stop you. Not only does this list serve well to remind us all that these problems must remain on the top of our list to be solved, you, then, are a shining inspiration of how work can keep growing despite seemingly impossible odds. Thank you for the photos of such strong sisters standing with you, all becoming able to be in touch online and through this amazing World Pulse web. We are all stronger to be aware of you and your strength, and celebrate your being able to meet World Pulse sisters in your area. I will be reading what you have written and will be writing in future.

With love in Sisterhood, Tam

It sounds like you are doing excellent work training women on how to use the internet and overcoming barriers that you may face in doing so. I learned a lot from your outline of the challenges women face in gaining internet access and the tools you need to overcome these challenges. Keep up the amazing work you are doing - it sounds like it is really making a difference!


Thanks Mary, women in this part of the world where i stay face alot of challenges that hinders them from going online. The major challenge is poverty and lack of basic social amenities, that is why they need to be empowered to have skills to help them generate income to enable them to have enough resources to learn how to use the computer/internet. please like our page Thanks.

Okocha Nkem

Founder & C.E.O,Mamamoni (Behavioral Modification loans for women)