Through Web2.0,i came to discover TakingItGlobal which led me to PulseWire that I greatly praise because it enables women to be actors of development not only in their regions but also worldwide. I am a passionate of new technology of information and communication. I am amazed by the humanitarian and universal dimension of Web2.0 because it enables me to be in touch with men and women, to share our experiences, to acquire knowledge and to express myself on passionate topics. It procures me the reason for living, of feeling important, and above all to be a master of myself and the universe. Universal because it is limitless. We can discuss on all issues, be we in China, Cameroon, Australia, Mexico or in islands through a single press. What was impossible in the past years.

After women must have acquired the technology related to this discipline, they will be able to make themselves accepted as human beings with equal rights. They will move from their status of witnesses to that of doers. This in areas of competence chosen by them. They will be interconnected to other women thanks to web 2.0,as is the case with pulse wire. The sharing of experiences will enable them bring their own contribution for the building of their society. Through this competitive entrance, I have come across women who are icons of the media in their country thanks to their work. I am able to discuss with them in order to better the quality of my work, avoid the traps of my job, benefit from the solidarity of other women,and many other things that I can hardly be achieved without the help of web 2.0.

I cannot tell how much web 2.0 will be of help to me. I know through this technological facility,i will be able to affirm myself as a woman in particular and as a human being as a whole. It will be of a great help to me in my profession of journalism. Web 2.0 will enable me to create a lengthy network of friend, and above all attaining my goal which is to put in place my own online media press. As long as web 2.0 will exist, I will continue to use it to meet my goals.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Empowerment and Web 2.0.

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Thank you for your post - I can tell it comes from the heart, and I hope that you will find a lot of motivation, support, friendship, and inspiration here on PulseWire. I look forward to hearing your voice again here in this community! Andrea

Hello Lilith i hope u are fine.I have read your message and i am very happy to know that there are so many women connected in this social network.I wish you the best in the website and i hope to read you soon.Thanks again

i too wish u all the best in your journey through and with the use of Web 2.o tools and hope to see them come true thanks for sharing this here

It is never too late to try make your way to your dream and left up your expectation.Sudanes Women Building

It is extremely pleasing to see people all over the world getting involved in Web 2.0 activities. The potential to change the world, your community and your life, making the world a better place is limitless. It is equally amazing to me that so many people around the globe that communicate well in several languages.

This week in New York, global leaders have assembled for the UN Summit to discuss progress achieved since 2001 against the 8 Millennium Development Goals, and what can be done to speed up the pace by 2015. The tools on this website can be extremely useful to help people in their communities improve their lives.

You may wish to download the statements from your country, and provide leadership through your writing to help people understand the importance of setting goals and working together of priority objectives. Let me encourage you to continue in your efforts.

Thanks for your post - it is really inspiring because it's obvious you speak from personal experience. Thanks for being a part of VOF!

Your post is well written and touching - because it reminds us that the web helps us to be masters of ourselves and the universe, and to be accepted as human beings with human rights.

Good luck with your endeavors to start an online media press. I know you'll do it - and find the support in this and other communities.

Warm wishes,

Jacinta :)


I enjoyed your passage about the power of technology. I believe communication and information sharing via technology will enable women to share their thoughts and beliefs in a manner that wasn't possible before. Great job!

Hello there

ntag23,Hope you fine dear.Yaa you are connecting us with your powerful words.Indeed web 2.0 is doing miracles and wonders around the globe.Women are ambassadors in this world.The way the intertwine with each other is so amzing.Sharing the deep, the untold, the forgotten stories yet destroying secretively but once they open up to share the pain diminishes thereby creating a new heart a new hope.If it wasnt for this web i wonder where would we be.

Thank you my dear brother for your strong heart for sharing this.And may God Bless you, strengthen you,empower you for something great in your life as you continue to mingle with us in world pulse.God bless you so much.

Your sister


"success will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time " And when confronted conquer with love

Hello Warona It is amazing the women which give a response to my post.I am Honored. Thanks for your wishes and your bless.May God hears You I will give my best to achieve my objectives. I wish you the best Take Care