I never got up one morning to decide that I am a journalist. I think I have followed a path intended to advance. I started in 2004 effect in my school as a presenter of cultural evenings. At the end of the year and after getting my degree, several senior principals came to court me so that I frequent at home. But my aunt with whom I lived at the time I was almost convinced that there was no future in communication and enrolled me in first year of management at the University of Douala. But I do not feel my heart beat for this track so I dropped back to 2 years later, on my own studies in communication at the same university. Meanwhile, I could move on. Trained facilitator and the RTM radio journalist, a local station, manage a program of youth in that station. Attended a workshop with RFI in the festival MASSAO female voices, one with a BBC journalist, a workshop for young journalists with the Francophonie, animated programs, held blogs on the culture ... Anyway, so much which allowed me to believe that this path was mine. While visiting the site www.tig.com I came across the announcement of training. I naturally followed the link and I came across this wonder, a community for women journalists and animated by hundreds of women worldwide. I was amazed. And when I learned he had to go through the selections for the training on web2.0, I thought I give myself fully to benefit from this training. My biggest dream is to own my own cyberpresse and I know that through training, I could improve some data that I would not necessarily with the eyes of the uninitiated. But above all, I was amazed because with a click, I could talk with the great names in journalism female that I had the opportunity either to read or listen. May well benefit from their expertise. The discovery of the community has changed my way of seeing and understanding the future. Now I know that I can achieve my dreams as a woman but also as a woman journalist. And although I'm not selected for training, I gained a lot because I expanded my circle of acquaintances.

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Hi ntag

Thanks for sharing your story. It takes courage and conviction to drop out of a course and choose another one mid way. I am glad that you have found your passion in journalism.

One thing I would have liked to see more in your assignment is details on how you hope your cyberpresse will help. What do you hope to accomplish through your own? How will it benefit others? What problems do you hope to solve?

Hari thank you for your reaction to my publication.J 'would have liked given more information about my project, but given the number of defined words, I do not think it would have been accepté.Alors, as you have seen in my story, everything I do, as I have no passion, I have no interest. My project already cyberpresse help me on a personal level to assert myself and prove myself to myself that I am able to finish a project terme.C is the challenge of a vie.Maintenant, it will help many young, passionate with the art and talent can flourish, and this under the supervision of some seniors who believe in the power of youth. Others may tell stories of their country as well as politics, sports, journalism, music and so by offering something in the village planétaire.Mais us Africans, what have we to offer? As a journalist, I would like to offer all women have this social network but also to the world, the history of music from my continent.C is a gamble and a huge challenge ahead but I believe and I thoroughly to give cela.Je do not know if I lit my lantern on your project. Thank you again for your reaction.

Ntag, I am glad for your followup comment to harinees' inquiry about your cyberpresse project, I am very glad to learn more about it! I admire your motivation, and the fact that you seize whatever opportunities come your way to learn and grow. Go get-em!


resolved this year to think twice and to smile twice before doing anything

Hi Ntag,

I relate very much to your story. I recently quit my job working for a nonprofit so that I could pursue journalism. I want to help underreported stories come to light. I wish you great success in your cyberpresse project, and I want to hear more about it. Please keep me updated!


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