About Me: A young talented young man who would like to see women strong in their life circles. They should speak for themselves, and this can be achieved with the help of men landing a hand. I graduated with bachelor of Economics and Public administration from University of Botswana. My big dream is to travel the world to help the poor.

My Passions: writing about economical and social issues.

My Challenges: No funds to achieve my dreams.

My Vision for the Future: To change the world to a better place.

My Areas of Expertise: Administration of human resource, event organizer,

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Hi nthole,

It's great to see men interested in helping support gender equality. You have a very honorable dream that more people should have in the world. I hope you make good connections in Pulse Wire and that you can write more about economic and social articles.

Good luck! Maria

Thanks Maria for a warm welcome to worlpulse community. I am looking forward to contribute alot and work hard. If wasn't a woman then a magic will be writing this.Thanks to my late loving mom, may your soul rest in peace, JUST wanna say that your absence in no much worry since i have loving and caring moms in worldpulse community.women are the drivers of world development let us man give them chance to proof themslves, we are their babies lets give them control.

Thank you

Welcome, and it is always nice to see another person join to add to the collection of opinions and stories on here. See you around, and hope to see you post.

I meant that to be Xosa for "how are you"... I studied in South Africa for a semester and picked up very very little Xosa (basically "how are you" and "I am fine").

Anyway, I am glad to see you on here. It is always refreshing to see men standing beside women, each of them strong! I look forward to reading more about your journey and of your views!

Peace and love,