When I came across an advertisement in the local daily about "making money by working online", I was pretty excited. All you needed to do was pay a small fee of about US$ 50 and you would have access to a database of work. I could work from home while taking care of my son who was only a year old. I had resolved during my pregnancy that I would stay home until my son was old enough to start kindergarten. The issue was this was sort of a strain on the family finances, since we were now only depending on my husband’s income. I had to get internet access at home, that would be key in being able to deliver on the job. In 2007 most individuals were accessing the internet from cybercafés, whereas the rates had significantly come down from Ksh 10 per minute to about 3 , to be able to get internet access in the comfort of your home you would have to fork out quite some amount. I shopped around and found a local ISP that would be able to install the internet. I needed money and quite a bit of it for the initial installation would cost just over US$ 120 and the monthly fee would be US70 for fast broadband. I pitched the idea of the business, the potential income vis-a-vis the investment and my Dad was sold. He provided me with the cash for the installation and two months monthly fee, I was sorted. I would really like to say the business kicked off and within two months I had made the money back and more but, life isn’t that simple….The so called company offering online work turned out to be “fake” I was conned. One month after the business deal with my Dad, he passed away after a traffic accident. Things couldn’t have looked dimmer and so discouraging in my life. I found solace in an online community of women called Mom’s Café, through the chat and discussion board I grieved and celebrated my Dad. It took about another month before I was fully back to some work routine, I told myself “I have to make lemonade form the lemons I got.” I researched on online work and discovered the good the bad and the ugly. I discovered the right websites that provided legitimate online work and paid well. For me the best thing that has happened 6 years on is , the internet and Web 2.0 has been enabled me make friends, gain skills and develop a niche career for myself. It has been trial and error but I believe the best is yet to come

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Dear Sister:

It is said that a successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her. Keep working at your goals and you will ultimately achieve them.



Dear Naijeria, I can identify with your story, because I have at some stage been a victim of scammers. But one thing that is important is for us to persevere in life and learn from our experiences, good or bad. As Anthony Hamilton puts it, "I learned patience, perseverance, and dedication. Now I really know myself, and I know my voice. It's a voice of pain and victory." Keep going sister, and know that you have a family that is prepared to listen and support you in World Pulse.

Dear Ntoweelt,

You are a model for perseverance! I am sorry to hear that the challenges you experienced when first beginning to work online paralleled your father's passing; but I am glad that you are finally up on your feet with your online work. The scammers that you and Nkuli123 write about are an important lesson for all of us who are beginning to discover our voices online - not all things are as they seem to be in web 2.0, but hopefully through a great network like World Pulse we can learn to seize the legitimate opportunities and call out the scammers.


resolved this year to think twice and to smile twice before doing anything