Few days back I was really frustrated ! what’s wrong with youth ! all what they do think of is their outfits or new look ! and mostly they do rate each other with the phone they have !!!

I definitely understand that people are categorized into many categories but I don’t understand when the Banality is one of these categorizes !

few months back I joined some few girlish groups on Facebook and that’s when I started wondering am I a female or not ! all what they are talking about and discussing is their beauty !! they ask where can they buy a Gucci original bag or Christian Dior’s Mascara ! wake up girls ! and how about looking for a bank account to donate for Somalia with only 5 % of Gucci’s bag for another female in Somalia to feed her child . or how about visiting the IDP’s in your area as Yemen is full of IDP’s now !

why don’t they get involved in social works ? if they can’t donate their money then donate your time and do some voluntary work ! your country need it …. Yemen need it ! yet I can’t believe my experience in that Facebook group ! Blondes of Yemen ! that’s all what I can say about it …..

either I got the wrong definition of being a female or they understand it in the wrong way ….. how to fix your hair how to match your makeup with your outfit , what eye shadow suits you the most …. I know that ; as a girl I have to ask and do all of these things but not 24/7 !

If these interests for being a girl; then what’s the interests for being a human being ? Live your Life! Life isn’t just being in a house treated like a Barbie doll … don’t be just like a furniture to decorate your husband’s house with … be a piece of art and amaze the whole world with your thoughts ! life is to know how to live it ! and also life is about how to take and most of all how to GIVE specially when it comes to your community and environment please don’t be selfish toward them . .

P.S I am just expressing my unorganized thoughts :)

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haha great point! The same thing happens here in the U.S. I think, in part, it may tie back to cultural ideals and gender stereotypes. Just have to work hard to show them how exciting other things besides mascara are!