Introducing myself and my journal: Informal Oration

Nukhbat Malik
Posted February 14, 2009 from Pakistan

About Me: Stepping into the fourth year of my journalism career, I look back and try to jot down the reasons, why am I a journalist. Flexibility, love for reading, passion for travel and photography, films are the basic instincts of my personality, but becoming a journalist is more of a societal thing I would say.

Born in a middle class traditional family in the culturally rich city of Lahore, I got educated in the local schools. At the age of 22, the rebel inside forced to raise my voice. So to me, a mix of personal struggle against the constraints of the backwardness of the society, the aggressions, a wish to stand and face, are the factors, which sculpted a journalist in me.

Before starting my journalistic pursuit in 2005 with a renowned TV news channel in Pakistan – Geo News (Urdu) as a full time broadcast journalist, my craving for study and research pushed me to deep dig the issues outlined in the newspapers such as Talibanisation, National Politics, Social Justice and Children’s issues. The society I live in is a gender biased, male dominated one, and despite of the media and technology wave here in Pakistan, women journalists who could go out there in the field, are hard to find. Being a person who accepts challenges, I decided not to allow the indifference of the society to be a hindrance in my professional life.

I continued reporting for television for two years. Meanwhile the passion for documentaries encouraged me to study filmmaking and I directed couple of documentaries enjoying every aspect of it. I discovered technical horizon of Television News production through different capacities like News producer, and Panel Producer (for live broadcast of hourly bulletins).

The offer from BBC World Service was something I considered a positive turn in my career and my creative instincts found Radio another challenging and exciting medium. When you know you have a 5 minutes bulletin and people would only listen to your voice, gives you such energy to work more effectively.

My determination towards my career has not only given me a respectful place in the society but also has encouraged lot of other women around me to step into journalism. Along with this helping the society to make them heard is a fulfilling feeling.

My career is an expression of myself and I am satisfied that I chose the right expression. Broadcast, print or Online; I find myself quite friendly with all genres. Despite of lack of opportunities and financial constraints, there is hope and self-confidence in me, so I step ahead everyday to make a difference through my career. Journalism has given me individuality, a power and an absolutely fantastic way to become a positive asset to my country. I believe there is a long way for me to go but being a person who loves to accept challenges; I guess it’s this right profession, which makes the journey more exciting.

My Passions: Documentaries and writing

My Challenges: Children Issues, Gender Issues, Education

My Vision for the Future: To make a difference in the society i live in

My Areas of Expertise: Documentary making, Writing, Graphics

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  • Jade Frank
    Feb 15, 2009
    Feb 15, 2009

    Hello Nukhbat,

    Wow - you are such an inspiration and gift to the people of Pakistan, especially the women who so greatly need representation and attention paid to the issues that affect them. It's great to have you as a member on PulseWire.

    You would make an excellent addition to the newly formed Pakistan Cafe. This PulseWire group is a platform to spotlight the unheard voices of women leaders and changemakers of Pakistan, as well as those who support them.

    I am interested to learn more about your film work in documentaries as well!

    Warm regards, Jade