It might sound Prejudiced, but whats the big deal?

Nukhbat Malik
Posted February 26, 2009 from Pakistan

Its not the first time that the country is in a political turmoil ....neither is the time that the so called politicians are fighting for the so called system and yelling about the so called democracy...

the news of disqualification of Sharif brothers has on one hand given a juicy news day to media....and on the other it highlighted Muslim League N .. which was something they were looking for...

After an emergency meeting for hours at his "Farm House" in Raiwind Lahore, Nawaz Sharif revealed his thoughts in a media conference, where he was not able to answer any questions properly put by the journalists, and then he appealed ..."people should come out of their houses immediately in order to save the country and save their rights". He added "disqualification does not make any difference to me or to Shahbaz, the question is what is happening to the country"...yeah right!!! what is happening to the country, exactly the same which you want assholes. Either its you or Zardari or Imran or any other hounding politicians...this is what they all want, the country in absolute turmoil, a country to which they could be the MASTERS, a country where they could rule witout any questions asked to them, a country where they know people can only be slaves...with no eyes, no ears, no brains.... wow....eutopia for these rulers, ain't it ???

If Nawaz Sharif is seriously not concerned with the decision and he is sincere to the country, he could have been on the road along with all those silly people who came out and one more time disturbed the traffic. If Sharif brothers were really annoyed by the decision (which they already knew) then they were also aware of the aftermath of this decision, (referring to the imposition of Governer Rule in the province), because Shahbaz cannot deny the "Baby fights" between him and Salman Taseer. But; how innocent he was when we heard his reply to one of those questions "we have a majority in Punjab and we will soon announce our candidate nomination for next CM" and "there are news Mian sab, its going to be Governer rule in Punjab???" "Nope, i dont know about any such thing!!" and after about one and half hour the news breaks "Governer Rule has been imposed in Punjab for next two months after the 'important' meeting of President an Prime Minister..." Huh!

Well well, it was a pity to watch Nawaz Sharif in this media conference where he did not criticize the Peoples Party, but Zardari..."we had splendid dreams and look what happened"...Poor Nawaz forgot while signing the Charter of matter its Benazir Butto on her side, but there is a Zardari behind...following the American saying "wait and watch". what...??? aint this a question in every one's mind and the answer to it is very simple dear country men ....yes the sound of boots is in the air and why not?? A little concentration on the previous one year reveals this answer.

It doesnt take high intellect to find what is between the lines.

  • Nawaz Sharif n Shabaz are dis qualified on the basis of all those cases which were created in Musharraf's era.

  • Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif signed the Charter of Democracy, BB was a tough lady, strong character with an approach that falls alienity criteria in this country so; BB had to die. Nawaz was easy to scratch out from the scene without any such big effort, so he has been disqualified.

  • 18th February, Elections, Peoples Party gets the majority and later on Zardari decides to be the "father of the nation (Babar Ghori's words)".

  • Zardari completely denies the Charter of Democracy and tries to make Nawaz understand what is going to be his fate, but the foolish soul stays in a false hope that things might change.

  • On every major post, you find there are Zardari's favourite people, only those who could talk and talk good.

  • A mentally retard PM has been appointed to fill in the place. Because some one sensible was not needed there when you have Zardari playing on the back foot.

  • One year of BB's assasination and there is no FIR, no REPORT, NO INVESTIGATIONS !!! and why there should be some, after all its what they wanted.

  • Ajmal Qasab's case, Memood Durrani deposed on PM's orders, and Zardari says, how could PM do this without my consent...EXACTLY You Poor soul, you dint remember he is an Ex Army man whom you insulted by kicking him out...Ahh now count your own days!

  • Aitezaz Ahsan given a show cause notice.

So, these are just some of the things which if watched clearly, tell you the future of this country. Now, in next minimum three and maximum six months, the martial law will be back with a personality designated as the CEO of Pakistan and there you go...

Fellows, this country was never meant to be a democratic one. Do you find any democratic government ever came without army backing, or army's consent? How could we say that this government is not without an army backing? The aforementioned things are those who clearly state this. So now we all know who is on the real back foot.

Ain't it? Lemme know what you think!

Cheers !

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  • Brigitte Wezel-Janssens
    Feb 26, 2009
    Feb 26, 2009

    Dear Nukhbat, thank you for your interesting post. We are glad you can give us some insights on what is going on in your country. We encourage you to continue to share your visions, and experiences with our online community. Brigitte