Sorry I have been quite absent... intensive work and an explosion of ideas!! Wanted to share the pleasure and honor that is organizing this event Join Women on the Bridge!! we have few days, but sure we will make a good one to send our support and reach them with a big breeze of Hope... peace is going to rule the world!!

Hope you are all doing fine!!

warm regards



Nuria, I am organizing a Join me on the Bridge event in my town of Jacksonville Florida, US. This campaign means so much to me because it truly points to our future- of women building invisible bridges, imagining and creating new possibilities. I get so inspired by the women in war-torn countries who imagine such a radically different world despite current circumstances! I hope to check out the pictures of your event on the Join me on the Bridge website. I will post ours shortly after the event! I will post some here on pulse wire too. PEACE, Carrie

Carrie!! you inspired me!! I feel exactly the same, and intact is my aim to help in such extreme circumstances... Today I have the meeting so we will know exactly what we are going to do.. we have not much time, but creativity is on our side to rise this call!! By know I have requested Messages of Piece.. soon I will share too.

We will join you too!! sending from here all the power for change!! PEACE & LOVE nuria

nuria g. puigarnau