nuria g. puigarnau
Posted September 17, 2012 from Spain

Hi Everybody, It has been quite a time since I last wrote here, I have been following quite much in FB. As you may know we are having a tough time here in Spain, and I have been quite touched by economical bad situation, though more and more people are not being able to pay... so an intensive time to take this opportunity to reNew, reCycle... living really the change that it is going in on the world. As I say to may friends and loving customers, it is touching to all of us, from different areas but going to the same core of moving us to change... and I believe that it is going to be for Good, for the intimate desire we all have to live in a Better World. And so it is time to be in our places, to be in touch of what is we serve and we are talent for... So in my case, I have sum my essence, my experience and passion... founding nur&co. What I'm good for is prospering everybody in the area of their Projects or Business... whatever is your service to all... have a talent for vision it.

So lovely to be back and share with you my wills and desires!!

lot's of love


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