As we envisaged that a woman is the mother of a nation we say ‘kill a woman, you have killed a nation’. Consequently “save a women you have saved a nation”. The starting point to rescue women in the world and especially in eastern DRC should be the intensification of education and the creation of awareness about human rights. This includes involving governments of different countries of the world especially those undergoing any form of war in this struggle. They will play a significant role in inserting in schools the “security programme”. This should consist of an approach to self defense, investigation and witness protection courses. Here the girls are taught at an earlier age how to deal with security issues. When they grow up, they will defend themselves and eventually defend their communities.The second point will consist on amplifying information debates and media on the benefit work of women human rights defenders in a progressive democratic world. The more we speak about freedom of speech and the right to security during the work time, the more we will gain battles in the struggle for women defenders at risk. Acknowledge brings freedom and freedom gets you act. Free peoples should act to promote liberty and stop the captivity of any form.

Topic Human Rights
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