I want to write about my growing up in a region torn by conflict. Though the problem is six decades old yet armed insurgency, which is only two decades old, started when I was yet to enter my teens. Now we are back to non-violent means.

I want to write how I saw the whole situation. I want it to be like looking through my eyes. The daily struggles, problems and how we cope. I want to highlight what the conflict has done to my land and its people.

What bothers me is the finding solution part. You see so many people have been trying to find solution so many politicians, intellectuals and all yet we have never moved forward. Never gained an inch. It is all so complex as well.

Waiting desperately for your comments and suggestions.

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I look forward to reading your personal story, from the eyes of a youth and how you have changed, transformed, yet the problems still remain the same. Excellent story, I look forward to reading it, especially the solution aspect. Hope it contains some best practices, that can be used across continents. Good luck

This is going to be a really interesting one. I love your writing and I'm really looking forward to hearing more of your story.


I am really happy to hear that you like my writing. For a writer this is more than anything even more than the desire to get paid for his/ her writing ;) . With tons of love.


I am really happy to hear that you like my writing. For a writer this is more than anything even more than the desire to get paid for his/ her writing ;) . With tons of love.


Nusrat, This is a great beginning. When you think about a solution angle, think about the sources you can talk to about this. You are certainly not expected to come up with the solution to stop violence in Kashmir all by yourself!

Can you find some academics, leaders of NGOs, or government officials in your region? I think you will find that in telling your story the struggle for the whole region is in searching for a solution. Using your experience to drive the narrative and some additional sources to describe the many avenues of solutions proposed in the past and for the future, I think you will carve out and brave and truly electrifying journal!

Let me know if I can be of help in locating sources or reading preliminary drafts!!

Best, Cristi

One thing I think is important to stress for solutions is how changing what an individual feels about themselves and the situation can go a long way to changing things even though the circumstances remain the same for a time. It is one way to create a lasting and real solution, maybe?

I look forward to reading this one!


You are right. Thanks for the insight. How are the girls. You have been way for a long time. And how is ur assignment going.

Lots of Love


One more. Cannot wait to read! :) Have you narrowed it down to a specific angle or will you be incorporating the various issues/problems that Kashmiris have faced according to you?

I want it to be based on my own experiences. And see which issues i can frame. I haven't started yet. And there are important weddings to attend this week. Am very worried.

Pray for me.


Great angle..so glad calm is beckoning. I want to hear the full story...the missing pieces of your thoughts on Kashmir!

I wish you the very best at it.


Stella Ndugire- Mbugua ICS- Africa

Thank you very much. I had to tell u something, been wanting to from so long. I wanted to incorporate ur best friend somewhere in the bio but there was no space. the word limit restrained me. How is he and how is he coping with Puslewire :)



Dear Nusrat,

Fantastic, your idea is already clear and organized. While this thread is full of great insight and wise questions, I will add my agreement and thought... Consider beginning with your story, as you wrote - the conflict and problems through your eyes - and then expanding, as Cristi suggested, to include voices from different industries - weaving voices of the intellectual, business, government and humanitarian leaders. Solutions are usually found in questions, and your role now can truly focus on asking and sharing experiences - connecting ideas and struggles - possibly a pattern will unfold - offering significant value, if not the panacea.

Looking forward,



You are have received such sound advice that I will focus instead on your worry. My "advice" is to relax, release, and enjoy your weekend of weddings. Life is short. Celebrate as much as possible.

By giving yourself permission to enjoy the present, I believe you will be simultaneously making space for your frontline journal to come pouring out. I can tell that it is already clearly written in your mind. "Why," then, you are possibly asking, "have I not written it yet?" (or written it completely) Because you have other conflicting priorities.

Manori's mentor Taur, gave her some great advice. I copied it below. I know you can not only do it, but you can do it on-time, and up to your standards.

Does this help at all?

Love, Jennifer

"I had a wonderful call with my mentor Taur last week and she gave me some very encouraging and positive words - one very practical piece of advice from her was to get a 6 or 12 month calendar and post my assignment due dates and then work back from those dates to establish small mini-tasks that i could achieve in finalising my assignments.

I thought this was a super idea and set myself a few mini tasks to finish up Month 1 assignments. And though a horrid stomach bug laid me low last week and messed up the dates, i still managed to go from one task to another.

Setting mini tasks and goals also made me feel like i was achieving something. When i thought of all i had to do it seemed so overwhelming, i wanted to run & hide! But looking at the next mini task on my list (transcribing the interview, doing some online research, etc) made me feel like "ok, i can do that today". - Manori (http://worldpulse.com/node/11851)

Jennifer Ruwart Chief Collaborator JR Collaborations

Thank you Jennifer. I have already gone through the post. It might sound funny but I have been planning to make a daily To do list diary from the last few years but never managed to . Insha allah I will make one soon.