Hello all,

I am really confused. It was so sweet of Jennifer to extend the dealine for some of us upto Sunday. Though we are still in the contest I see no chance. There are some very powerful stories coming out. Believe me I am happy for all of us.

But I am angry with myself. I couldn't finish the assignment on time so my editors had to hurry. To add to it I could not review their changes. So when my second editor said that my write up has been chopped two much by my first editor and she wanted to see more detalis. I didn't had time to look at it again. See I had a deadline.

So you see I am angry with myself why I didn't do on time so that I could have plenty of time to work with my editors. I also missed on your feeback :(

So to take out the frustation I am going to post both my draft and the final piece and you are all requested to go through both and give me feedback.

I know that is too harsh a punishment :) :) :)

Lots of Love

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Nusrat, Don't look back, keep looking forward. You told me last night that you were going to use this experience to make sure that you submit your next article in time to be able to take full advantage of all feedback - what a great learning! I look forward to hearing what topic you have chosen for your op ed because I learn something new every time you post. Talk to you soon. Love, Debra