Nusrat Ara
Posted November 24, 2009 from Kashmir

I am not on skype so have no idea about the discussions on the books taking place. But I would love to know what you people thought about the daughter of East OH SORRY Daughter of Destiny for you.

I had the advantage of living in the Indian subcontinent so close to Pakistan (in fact Kashmir is bound to it culturally, historically) the culture the traditions were not alien to me. I could understand so many things as if they were happening in my place.

Kashmir has been politically volatile for so long now and the violence here for the last two decades have made me see much. The disappearances, the tortures, the arrests, the protests, the deaths, the widows, the orphans Kashmir has seen it all. So I knew what she was talking about. I have seen and felt the helplessness.

What I really found appealing in the book is how a father is slowly but surely training his daughter for politics. Even after so much progress the percentage of women is politics is dismal. And a dad from the Indian subcontinent with a rural background has my applause.

Benazir suffered a lot. It was heartening, inspiring to see a woman stand her ground. She paid for it with her life. I remember telling a friend she should not have returned. “What is she there for she should have stayed where she was” I said. And the next day she was no more and my sms to same friend read I TOLD U SO.

So gals I am looking forward to hear more about the book from you.

I have started NO WOMAN NO CRY ( Thanks a ton Jody for that) and hope to write on that soon.

Love Nusrat

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