Newspapers introduced Blogs to me. Even after that I didn’t read any. Information came in the form of newspaper reports saying an actor has written this in his blog or a politician has written that. A local politician in Kashmir stopped blogging after many abusive responses. Many actors in India had quite a war of words through their blogs. And of course everyone seemed blogging. That is the impression the media gave.

I didn’t blog not because I didn’t find it interesting but I had my constraints. There was no one to teach me how and I didn’t have the time and access (to internet) to explore. Also as I was not an active participant my judgment about it was driven by what the media fed me.

PulseWire introduced me to blogging. It was a simplified process, so easy to post. I learnt about the interaction, the exchanges of ideas, beliefs, and perspectives. I realized the potential and scope of the medium. The best way of learning something is by doing it.

Being a new and relatively late entrant in the world of blogging I face a lot of barriers and see a lot of challenges.

To begin with I had this conception that why would anyone read what I write. Pulsewire has dispelled this misconception. It really touched me to see how women from diverse backgrounds are not only interested in each other but understand and relate to each other so well.

It is a real challenge to decide what to write and when to write. I guess in the fast paced world everyone is short on time. Women especially with their responsibilities have their plates full, meaning too much to do and too little a time. I am no exception. I think blogging is like taking some time out for oneself and like most women across all continents they are the last in their own priority list.

Internet access is also a barrier. I don’t have it at home. It is expensive as well. Internet connectivity and speed is a big challenge in my place. The speed and connectivity can drive one nuts (unofficially because of the security reasons L. I live in conflict region remember). Broadband is much more expensive but even then it is not reliable and fast.

Time management is the problem as well as the key. Besides, that discipline is also needed, as blogs have to be regular. I think once u start writing with conviction the effort required lessens with each new post. So I guess in future things will be much easier for me.

A laptop is an added advantage, I need to get a good one but that will have to wait until the money comes. This coupled with easy Internet access can really do wonders for a blogger. I hope to have both in future. Currently to save Internet time I type the posts beforehand. Right now I am taking everyday as it comes and have great hopes for future.

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The reason why pulsewire works so well is because it has curved itself a niche women.They are so many free blogs out there that are for everyone and anyone who can write about anything and everything.So because we all have one thing in common women we are women we have many things to talk about,identify with etc.Tell me about internet speed yesterday I wanted to jump off a building it was so slow.I find it interesting that you pen and paper your entries, am sure the way you express yourself is different from if you would just type it directly on a computer screen.

Thank you. I don't write on pen and paper but on a computer minus internet . I type it in word and then when I connect I post it. Keep in touch. It is good to hear from you.

Love Nusrat

With best wishes,

Nusrat Ara 

WorldPulse Community Champion (Environment Group) 


I am glad you found a way to overcome those barriers and share your voice. Do you have a blogging schedule? If you know you can write twice a week you can schedule your internet time that often as well. That way your readers can follow the same schedule.


Dear Jenna

Thanks for the advice. Will try it as currently I don't have any such schedule. Discipline is required. Will surely try. Thanks once again.

Regards Nusrat

With best wishes,

Nusrat Ara 

WorldPulse Community Champion (Environment Group) 

Hi Nusrat,

Like you, I also feel compelled to tell stories. But, I didn't go to school for journalism. However, my dream remains to be able to travel and share the stories of women who are doing work in their communities to empower women. But I am so encouraged to know that this I is already happening through this amazing website! It is so wonderful to know that there are people like you who can share with us your perspective of the conflicts going on in your region. Please do share stories of what it is like in your world. We are listening. And I also want to note that you are a wonderful writer. Your ideas are not only clear but fluid. Keep writing!

Peace and love,


Lili Miller

Dear Lili

So nice to hear from you. Life is so different in a conflict region. It is really wonderful to hear out each other. I also love travelling but have don't much so far. But I definitely intend to see the world beginning with my own place. Due to the ongoing conflict I haven't seen much of my place. A tragedy for sure because Kashmir is really beautiful and also having a heritage to match.

Love Nusrat

With best wishes,

Nusrat Ara 

WorldPulse Community Champion (Environment Group)