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I am glad to share with all of you that I have got the UNFPA-Population First LAADLI Media Award this year for gender sensitive reporting. It was for some work I had done prior to joining VOF.

Lots of love Nusrat

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Congratulations Nusrat, what an accomplishment! If you have links to the specific reporting work you were awarded this for, I would love to read it!

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Thanks Rachael,

Prior to VOF I had got a fellowship on the topic ' Kashmiri Women ; Setting Examples Amidst Conflict' I had to write six articles. I guess I have already posted 4 of them in my journal.

The flowering Entrepreneur got me the award. Others in the fellowship were 'Taking on the state' ,'Helping Hand' ' Kashmiri Women ; rising above conflict ' You can find these in my journal . And then there are two more.



Nusrat, Huge congratulations! I would also love to read it if you have a link. You have been such a strong advocate for women in your region and I hope you continue to write about the challenges they face. Am so very proud. Best wishes, Janice

Thanks a ton Janice. It is in my journal. Check my reply to Rachael. The continued love and support of all of you have meant a world to me.

Lots of Love



I am so very happy for you. What a tremendous honor! Wow. It is a huge pleasure to read all that you write and now I really know why. hee,hee Congratulations!!!!

love K-lee 3709

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Go Nusrat go! Your hard work, vision, and talent with the pen have paid off. You deserve this so much. Hooray!

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Been absent..... CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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