nusrat yaqub
Posted September 29, 2011 from Pakistan

For every woman in this world there is a story same was with me.I suffered so many hardships in life .I was born to poor family, very poor family in 1962 .I had 10 siblings i had a love for education but i had to take care of my siblings as well. In 1985 after a lot of struggled,i got a government job as a teacher (v.low paid job) i got married with young handsome man in 1986,he was very young officer he also belongs to a poor family,he asked me to cooperate with him and let him support his parents and family,like a typical Pakistani woman i agreed to it ,i kept on staying at my parents while my husband kept on serving in army on different places.i used to be depended at my own pay ,then my first child was born in 1989.I had to take up all the expenses of him alone..i struggled so much for him after all he was my son,i also had to show respecting attitude towards my in-laws which were about 1200 km away from me,i also used to go there in every year summer holidays just to make them feel important ,it was very very very tough suffering in those trains along with my child ,i remained away from my husband for 7-8 years just on holidays we used to met meanwhile my 2nd child was born and then in 1994 my 3rd child was born things started too change for us my husband realized the importance for us ,he asked me to stay with him for better future of family,i left my government job (where i were allocated good grades later because of experience) for our better future .........i left that job for our future.........but hey wait for a minute what i realized that my husband is no more like an ordinary man but he was just like a typical cruel military officer i had an idea before that but now we had to live permenantly together was something new to me ,i never knew how in a minutes his mood swings , he used to fighting with me on useless matters,and to tell u the truth in ,all these were disturbing for me and my kids meanwhile i become a mother of fourth child ,for every day and second this attitude of my husband imparted a bad impression on my kids,i used to share with my kids that i left my government good job for him and now he behaves so pathetic.there was no fix time how my husband mood swings away........everything continued for years and in 2003 i took an admission in a technical college ,my passion for all the dress designing and stuff revived there,initially my husband supported me but as i told ,that his mood swings away in no time he used to taunt me about the efforts i was puting up at age of 41... i used to keep awake till 3am for completing her assignments of college,i worked so so so hard,i got scolded by my husband a lot of time that what rubbish iam doing but i did not give up my efforts and stood 2nd in the whole batch of my college in diploma........... i started my social life and started to do fwelfare work for military welfare schools. Mean while i completed 1 more year of diploma from other city where my husband was posted . I never gave up her passion,in 2006-2007 i became an in charge of such army welfare organisation .Because of retirement of my husband from army in 2007-2008 i had to leave the post and we came to shorkot cantt while my husband found a job in other city,now the circumstances are very changed for us my husband has also changed he is no more oppressor to me my kids are already grown up now ,But those memories of of oppression on me and my kids are still on our minds .I want that at this age i could benefit more ladies all around the world ,i want that my hard work pays off one day ,i never want any money ,i just want a respect and to teach every woman what i learned in those 4 years of sheer hardwork for my diplomas i dont want to go that in waste ,i always used to ask poor women to send their kids to me i will teach them something at home which i used to ,wish i could do more for the world..

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  • Stella Paul
    Sep 29, 2011
    Sep 29, 2011

    Dear Nusrat Apa

    I read your story and it melted my heart!!! You are such a woman of courage! I bow my head before your courage.

    Women like you, who never give up, never surrender and continue to fight for a better life are my true heroes and my true inspiration. I want to tell more stories of your struggle and your achievement, because such stories can inspire millions of women.

    Love to you!.

  • nusrat yaqub
    Sep 29, 2011
    Sep 29, 2011

    Thank you i will surely tell more stories,dear common woman suffer a lot ,beating from husbands ,ruled by husband ahh that is n't it? i was educated even then i had to face this all.I wish there is some solution of it ,why we women always have to show patience all the time in life?why not men?

  • Joya Comeaux
    Oct 02, 2011
    Oct 02, 2011


    This is a very power-full story of courage and overcoming obstacles.

    Thank you for sharing this, and I am glad that you are no longer oppressed.

    Yes, education and exposure to opportunities of giving back to the community gives women freedom.

    Thanks for sharing and helping others.

    love, joya

  • Usha K.C.
    Oct 18, 2011
    Oct 18, 2011

    Brave sis! you shared your personal story,, really inspiring. thank you sis.

  • Urmila Chanam
    Feb 12, 2012
    Feb 12, 2012

    Dear Nusrat,

    Your story truly is every woman's story. The way it was narrated and the hardships you have gone through, I am proud of you the way you survived, and came out stronger at the end of it. Today all of us are here listening to you, learning form you and will take inspiration from you to keep going on.


    Love Urmila Chanam

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