I just cannot believe that I am writing a farewell message to you. It’s hard for me to bid you a farewell as I cannot imagine that we will not see you as an on line community manager with us.You have certainly did a great job around here and have been so co-operative with all of us,I have enjoyed your tenure here and I appreciate the co-operation, care and warmth you have showered on all of us.

I wish you all the very best and I promise that I will always be there to help you and at your need any time because more than a manager you were a friend to all of us

Our relation was not merely of manager and sub-ordinate but more of two sisters. As you will leave, I will feel your absence every second. You have guided me all through.

<strong> GOOD LUCK<strong>
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I am so happy to know that the same beautiful spirit that I left here is still alive! World Pulse has this awesome quality of bringing us together, of making us see each other as sisters. I can see Breese has done a good job! Please allow me to link my voice to yours in thanking her.



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Thank you, Nusrat, for starting this thread. I did not know Breese very well, but I do miss her on the WP Web! Hope you are well and peace will find you!


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Dear Nusrat and all, I'm sorry, I just discovered this. Thank you for your kind message, it means so much to me. It was an honor to work at helping you achieve your goals through this community and platform. And, you certainly were not a "subordinate!"

Wishing you all the best, Breese