About Me: I'm a radio producer and presenter with Voice of Nigeria, Lagos. I work with childern and young people. I produce the station's early morning programme. its a magazine. i also anchor and produce a youth discussion programme and children radio drama. i'm 28 years old and i'm just about 2years on the job. i hold fast to my religious beliefs, but tolorate that of others.i love doing exciting things such as meeting with people that would positively influence me especially in the area of empowerment and leadership. I strongly believe that women have a right to speak out and can influence change in their generation.

My Passions: i enjoy reading, dancing, cooking and meeting people

My Challenges: tendency to be a little impatient.

My Vision for the Future: To reach the pinnacle of my profession and affect as many lives as possible especially those in the rural communites.

My Areas of Expertise: producer, presenter, drama script writer, choreography instructor

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It is a joy to welcome you to PulseWire. Here you'll find there is no shortage of inspiring voices, sharing their stories of courage, hope and empowerment. I look forward to reading more about your work and know that you will find this to be a positive experience. Best wishes, Janice