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Week Four Assignment MY PERSONAL VISION, MY COMMUNITY AND/OR THE WORLD. Going forward, l shall be focusing on Positives and endeavour to. Move forward. Shall endeavour to keep both the group and myself growing in all spheres and taking stock of where we came from, where we are and where we aspire to be. Together we shall focus in connecting our awareness and the behaviours we need to change in order to attain our goal. We shall be able to Face our fears, create the trinity of home, roots, and community, . take time to honour your body, your senses, and the natural world, Engage in creative arts. Create your own women’s support group. (On PulseWire!) and be able to Embrace the other, as community and spread across the world through PulseWire. We shall own ’’The Five Most Common Ways a Woman Loses Her Innate Female:- • Closing her heart and running away from her emotions. Often, a influential event forces a woman to stop expressing her feelings, stop trusting her intuition, or shut the door on her inner life altogether. This catalyst could be rape or incest, illness, divorce or marriage, the birth of a child, the death of a parent, or any loss. • Losing connection with her physical body as well as the body of the earth. In today’s age of information and uniformity, most people live mostly in their heads, preferring the tidy logical mind over the messy body. We also spend most of our time inside buildings or cars. A woman who lives this way is routinely disconnected from her sensuality, her instincts, and the wondrous, nourishing natural world. • Addiction to doing. Driven by the benchmarks of our dominant culture, a woman can easily betray her sacred feminine in her quest to be productive, accomplished, and successful. Every woman deserves to find fulfilling work. Workaholism, however, is one of the most subversive enemies of a fruitful inner life. • Abandoning her interior life. Relentless busyness and speed leave no time for contemplation. A woman needs silence and solitude, restful periods of slowing down, and open space for spiritual inquiry to cultivate her profound inner wisdom. • Not standing up for her true self. In the workplace and in her intimate relationships with men, a woman is frequently misled, bullied, or seduced into dismissing her emotional intelligence and intuition. Striving to be rational, linear, and concrete—to think like a man—is a very effective way to crush the wisdom of the feminine. • Why do you want to be a Voices of Our Correspondent and how will this help you achieve your vision?

Being a Voices Correspondent will help me/us achieve my/our vision by: Increasing our knowledge to determine what we desire and keep us focused. I shall be able to translate my acquired knowledge into a compelling vision and indentify any limiting beliefs and which I will adjust accordingly. I will be able to articulate the next step in a statement of intention and visual image as to my next growth step.


Voices of Our Future Application: Your Vision

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