Posted October 18, 2010 from Kenya

CHALLENGES AND BARRIERS TO CREATING CHANGE 1. Most the Barriers that I encounter while creating change in my community are:- 2. Communication because not all of us speak a common language. 3. Class some women view themselves as know it all and tend to look down on others. 4. Upgrading skill – need to keep updating my skills and knowledge - one can only give what one has. 5. Distance and venue – depending on the audience you expect, weather and distance/transport. 6. Advertising and announcements – mostly use churches and word of mouth. 7. Finances as most of the work is done voluntary and therefore funding. SOLUTIONS • Eradicate illiteracy through using government channels and encourage women to enrol. • Empower the leaders in-order to enable us give quality information and updates. • Sensitize all women the need to be in groups and the benefits one can gain from us. Include professionals amongst us to share their experiences (i believe each one of us has a story to tell on how we reached where we are). They can also be facilitators instead of participants is at all they are in the know. • We have church and social group in empowerment and these require difference approach when talking to them. • Use venues that can easily be accessed by all taking into consideration the distance, security and time. For long term basis are trying to build our own facility that can also be used for income generating purpose. WITH PULSEWIRE, ONE CAN 1. Use my comrades in Skills upgrading through the many courses and programs offered through Pulsewire. 2. Link with others in the network to learn and request for advises. 3. Voice my concern/challenges through Pulsewire. 4. Shout my success through for other to learn of it. 5. Assign an expert to guide me. 6. Access other link for various issues like training, short courses and even funding.

I know a good word of encouragement from anyone of us motivates one to go further – shoulder high!


Voices of Our Future Application: Challenges and Solutions to Creating Change

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