Women can THINKand TALK too!

Ogochukwu Okafor
Posted March 23, 2013 from Nigeria

Gone are those days when our mamas were made to believe that they are "never too goods"-never too good to go to school, to own landed properties, to be economically independent, to think for themselves or to have a say in the society.In this present times, I see the tides changing. Broad minded Women and open minded men every where are speaking out the truth. As a woman, you can "think up" innovative ideas that can restore the dignity of women who have been de-moralized by the "never too good" belief. You can speak out for women and girls who have no voice or at best have lost their voices to the paralyzing effects of the so called tradition that relegate women to the back ground. As a woman, you can THINK and TALK too. Let your voice be heard today!

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