Ostracized, Sickening intelligent design, Prison camps, Destitution, Unable to attain restitution, Systematic propaganda, Tiresome, Delusion, Billboard smearing, Propaganda leering, Holistic shop dreaming, Dollar price too high, Abuse, Silence, Neglect,

Isolated effect, Bottle cap toss, Into the trash can, We can't do it, We can't move through it, Electricity turned off, Trailer window broken, Breaking, Down, Broken down trailer, Stuck, Unheard, Unseen, Bottle cap toss, Into the trash cash,

Outskirted, Outside, Conservative demise, Policy manual, Someone left a bag of commods at my door,

Hair is dirty, Hands are unclean, Fingernails untrimmed, Linoleum flooring, Far away, We are left behind,

Milk carton on the lawn, Windshield smashed, Industrial machine, Brought me benefits, A system designed to destroy us, Leave me, Get rid of me, Outskirted, Outskirts, No one sees us,

The violent crash, The precision, We couldn't speak, We couldn't scream, No one hears us, No one cares to listen.

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