Mamakâdijitchigewin - Miracles


The Earth has found a new way, Found our hearts, Found our spirits, And works nonstop to heal, To provide life, To offer us lessons, Gracefully assisting us in our breathing, Leading us through the woods, On the trail, On the water, A refuge, A healer for us, Always.

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I believe this speaks to the spiritual connection indigenous people have with the land and that we, as westerners, have lost. We have forgotten how to listen to Earth and I hope that you will continue to share with us your thoughts, ideas and dreams so that we may learn to connect again with the land we live off. Story telling is such an important part of indigenous culture and I thank you for sharing this tradition through poetry.

Yes, I am glad you enjoyed this poem Janice! The land is so important. Hopefully with this economic depression people start to wake up and see what really is the truth.

I will be posting more of my poetry to this site. I just joined a few days ago but I am loving it already.