The word akki in Anishinaabemowin or Ojibwemowin means Earth. I have always had a connection to the Earth since I was child. It was only recently that I reconnected to a place where the land is home. This place happens to be in Northern Michigan or Anishinaabe Territory where I now live.

Northern Michigan was not a place I was seeking. In fact this is a place that came to me and then called me back again and again. From 2000 to 2009 I moved 20 times to move for school, work or just to follow my heart and take a risk. I was in Seattle in June of 2008 when during meditation I could see my ancestors on the shore of Lake Michigan. I knew within my heart that I was being called home by them. As painful as it was at the time I followed my heart back to Michigan.

The lore and legend of the land here fills my spirit up with so much light. My culture is all around me. I am in a place where I am honored for who I am. The forest, lakes, rivers and the land are beautiful and bountiful. I am never alone here because I am surrounded by the land, water, my ancestors and my culture. Every day as I engage with the land here I can feel the healing power of it in my heart and soul. I am so glad to be home.

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This is a beautiful story of spirit, of connection and of land. Thank you for sharing with us your journey in answering the call of your ancestors to reconnect with the earth and with your spirit. Beautiful.


How refreshing to not just hear someone speak beautifully (finally) of Michigan, but also giving thanks to Earth's abundance of beauty as well. I too am from Michigan and, especially this winter, I have really been noticing how much land and the beauty we are surrounded by is taken for granted; specifically here because this is where I live and hear people complain. Just everyday hearing complaints of winter and how horrible Michigan is. I remember last summer I told myself I would welcome and be thankful for all winter brings us. I understand there is a lack of sun, but Mother Earth -no matter where we are- is constantly spoiling our eyes, our ears, noses and taste buds; we could just be living and not even have senses or beauty in abundance and many forms. Again thank you for the breath of air and confirming that others too share not only the beauty of Earth in our eyes, but our hearts and souls too. We all know she appreciates and feels this love.

I love Michigan and am glad to display this love in my writing. I have lived other places but no place is more real than Michigan. There are a lot of great things happening in terms of activist and grass roots movements.

Winter is rough here. But it is a time to reflect and heal. If we could take time out during the winter to refocus I am sure our lives we be a lot different.

Thanks again for your comment and I am glad you enjoyed reading this!

Hi Dear OjibwayMigis, I really love your story. It is amazing and every line of this story makes me feel your deep love for your home. I look forward to hearing some more stories from you.

Thanks, Umme Mahbuba.