When my first interview failed!

Posted December 4, 2011 from South Sudan

Nervous is a word is a word that became common to me this last two weeks.Sudden changes of plan that were beyond the control of my hero women.The nature of their work and commitment did not concide welll with my time.As the third interviewee( a poltician) expressed eagerness to be interviewed any time ,day or night.I was so relieved.

The reason being that she was living in my neighborhood,and that she had seen me since childhood,only that I didnt know other issues about her,hence yearning to interview her.I thought to myself ,why am I restricting my stories,they should come from all over.Am glad I took that thought seriously. A few minutes into our interview ,I realised I was dealing with an intelligent and keen listener lady.So I relaxed and I let her talk telling me about her family ,education and politics.She made my day!

I think next time,I will find a variety of interviewees and questions in two sets,so that I can have a good flow of the story,that is in the absence of a tape recorder.Because I know not all people will find it comfortable to be tape recorded.

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  • Juliette Maughan
    Dec 07, 2011
    Dec 07, 2011

    Interviewing is such a complicated process and it is true not many people want to be taped.

    I usually have a convo beforehand with interviewees to explain in detail what I am doing then have an intro convo to get them into the flow of talking and sharing before starting the formal interview. Then if there is something they spoke about off record that I want to revisit then I am able to bring it back up on record. If they feel comfortable they would usually just say as the information is already shared :).