My front line journal is focusing on the progress,challenges and achievements that have been made in maternal health rights in Kenya.

Kenya is one of the African countries with best policies in maternal,youth and reproductive rights,however at 50yrs of age my country has faced major challenges in reducing maternal mortality.Despite reviewing the policies and guidelines to implement safe motherhood during and after delivery,there are incidences that have occurred of women which should have been prevented.Globally government are looking at the state of midwifery as a link to reduction of maternal mortality.The theme has been 'Delivering Health ,Saving Lives'.

The amendment of the Kenyan Constitution was a major turning point for the government as well as Africa to realize its gains and losses in maternal health rights.Currently the Constitution demands that women need to access the highest attainable healthcare,but this has been met with conflicts from the religious and civil society.As the arguments continue to heat up women are dying daily because of shortage of skilled midwives and many more reasons.The donor funding remains a drop in the ocean,with some claiming misappropriation.

Through my experience as a nurse/midwife,I have encountered some of the difficult situation surrounding childbirth.I intend to share and explore my experience as an advocate of maternal health and interviews of women and men in the community to bring out the big picture of maternal health rights in Kenya.The interviews are tackling the feelings,perceptions and local solutions for a global situation.

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Yes,that is a good topic, as I know in the city of China this problem are solved but in the villages of China ,many women still face poor healthcare and cause the health damage.

Fabulous idea! I love how you are taking a larger issue and making it personal through your own experience--that is exactly what a Frontline journal should be all about!



"Tell me then, what will you do with your one wild, sweet, and precious life?" -Mary Oliver

Thank you! I have been in racing thoughts,I am reassured by your thoughts about my story.I owe so much to the discussion we have held with my mentors.Welcome home

Lucia Buyanza Nurse-Midwife Clinical Instructor

Dear Lucia, This is a great summary and promises a great article will follow. You have such a wealth of experience to share and reflect upon. I can't wait to see your module 2 piece! Thanks for taking the time and thought to preview your ideas for the module with the group. It is so gratifying to read the feedback you are receiving.

Dear Jana, I know that with your wise counsel I will be able to pull it out even much better.I am stilll searching for the best moments to let my pen flow again.Thank you for being with me all this time.

Lucia Buyanza Nurse-Midwife Clinical Instructor

I may be pokey (sometimes) but I'm here for you!!! I love where this story is going! And Rachael's recognition is a lovely vote of confidence, isn't it?

My Friend Lucia, You have captured this issue so well. Your voice in this Frontline Journal has the potential to speak to many women in many countries as well as the governments of their countries. I look forward to reading it and to see your personal experiences woven into the piece. You are well on your way. Let the ink flow!!

This is a great way to start the new year.

Many Blessings,Mary Ann