Dear Colleagues,

Things are rolling too fast.In a moment when I was doing my final loud reading,I just realised that we are almost there in such a short while.

There have been moments of laughter,tears,sadness and all life stresses.

So when I was reflecting on my op-ed ,it was one of the articles that you write with emotions high.I was also doing my mental assessment to see if I have been able to cope with life demands.Oh Yes I did that here in Pulse,and when I look at all of you,I see a good sense of mental capabilities and visionary leaders! Congratulations to you all.

It was not easy to receive calls ,amidst a very important sentence,then the next thing am on a long day meeting.All in all my dear sisters life has been rewarding ,the thoughts of all of you have put meaning into my life and other readers globally.This is a great forum created.

Let us all celebrate today .And have a wonderful, HAPPY VALENTINE DAY!

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