When i am happy i write, and when i am sad and depressed i write yes in that case tears make my writting fade as i always use paper and pen.

I have always had the passion for watching other people through a window, making up stories abput them, share their dreams and add colors to their lives as i wish. Since i was 14 i believed in me and that i will make my life diffrent, i believied that a women is strong and that the sky is the limit. Along the road to my 26 i saw how my life as a woman is changing alot and in the last 2 years i found myself in circles of sadness, depression and frstration about what is happnening in my country, my family and myself. I have being working in women resource center over the past four years but some how i think i am not doing my best given the opprtuinity that i had, i think i tend to give up too soon, i have to acknowledge the support in upgrating my skills that i went through that wouldnt be the same if not, all the challanges that we face as we live in a country (Sudan) were you hardly manage to plan for your month and our future as young females is a pazzil that you know that lots of its peices is not in my hands but the policies, economy and my community. I joined world pulse almost three years a go as i came cross it and through AWID.org * found it intersting, and with good resources on women empowerment as i was working with Sudanese women empowerment for peace, i applyed for VOF in 2010 but i couldnt make it to the end due to challanges in internet access. Today here iam again to prove that i still care and that i am still strong and that working for women empowerment started with me being more empowered i still dont own a computer and accessing internet is not that easy but i have my mobile, my pen and paprers and before that i have my passion for better future for me, my sisters and women of my country. I have my voice i no longer watch other people lives through a window but i can be part of it and be the change through making my voice loud and heared. I might not have a job now but i have a role, i do care about my country and i belive that we are in critical time we need to stand up and talk about our problems demand for our rights and work for developing our country. I believe that being part of VOF is my next step for taking up my role in women empowerment and make use of the skills that i have developed over the years. * AWID the Association for Women's Rights in Development

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I couldnt carry spell check since iam using my mobile can anyone help on that i didnt wana miss the deadline so i post it i will try to edit it before the dead line your comments and guidline is apresated

It is never too late to try make your way to your dream and left up your expectation.Sudanes Women Building Peacewww.suwepmovement.org

Dear Ola: I am speechless! You radiate power and confidence and in times like these, you need to reflect this onto women so that they may become empowered. I salute you and your determinations and courage. I will be more than happy to help you out on proofreading this. Take care

My salutes, dear sister. I salute your spirit. You have an amazing wealth of courage. May it grow more strong with each passing hour.

Rise and Shine.


Taha Mirani

So glad that you didn't completely give up on VOF. Joining again this year shows your commitment to continue your journey with women's moment - to make our voices count.

Is wish you all the best for this journey. Always remember that we are here. Send a message if there is anything anyone of us can do.

Regards Aminah

Salaam Aminah

Ola, thank you for sharing your story! Your strength and courage in working for the empowerment and rights of women in Sudan, despite many challenges, is admirable. Your words are inspiring and the belief you have in yourself to make change through your words is more powerful still. I especially like when you write at the end of your piece "I might not have a job now but I have a role." It expresses so well what this movement is about and the role that we all play in making women's voices heard. No contribution is too small and your efforts are an inspiration to all.

Keep up the great work and writing!

Ola, you are an inspiration, and one with a strong creative streak. I suspect you will continue to find creative expression and other ways to keep adding colour to the lives of the women and girls you serve.

I am particularly inspired that you understand that you have a role, whether or not you have a traditional job. The work of advancing women's development and security is not a job, but an ongoing mission. It is the role you choose to play that matters the most. It is good to have you on the team.

I am here again because i still care and i know i am in platform that my voice matter and i have sisters they care. thank you i will do my best time is just not in my side. stay connected Ola

It is never too late to try make your way to your dream and left up your expectation.Sudanes Women Building Peacewww.suwepmovement.org

Ola, your words are like poetry, so visual and strong. You are so motivated and it is truly inspiring and your role is very important, please keep believing in it. Thank you for sharing.

Theresa VE