Olive Makhela
Posted April 14, 2013 from Malawi

I was more than irked that a teenage sister of mine has been impregnated. It would have been something else if the seed out of the womb was sired by somebody else out of our family tree. Alas the man responsible is my own brother in-law, the husband to my elder sister married for 5 years. Worse still, my elder sister and her husband have been guardians to my younger sister since she was three – the time our parents died after a fatal accident. I took this issue to our neighbors but they didn’t helped me to my expectations, instead they answered me that I should look it from the angle that it takes two to make each other pregnant. Why do I entirely blame my brother- in – law, I should blame my young sister for braving the odds to steal the matrimonial benefit of our elder sister. Just a month before this incident, we had another shocking incident in the same house, a very shame story, my in – law, the same I am talking about was caught in the act of illicit conjugal exercise with the maid by his own wife( my elder sister), and worse still, after the maid was given two or three slaps by my sister, the poor village girl disclosed that she was three months pregnant, and just like my young sister, the man responsible for the maid’s pregnancy is my brother – in – law. I took courage to talked to my sister about this wicked malpractice of her husband and her way forward about this, I was shocked when she told me that they have discussed it over and the husband has promised to give the wife a certain amount of money and buy 2 vehicles each one for us (Me and my elder sister) and that we should not disclose this to other people or relevant authorities. I told her that this malpractice should be voiced out, I wanted justice to prevail. To me it doesn’t matter I know someone and related to him, if he trample upon the laws of the land, if they commit a crime the best we can do is to report to the relevant authorities, therefore I decided to take this dangerous man into task by the stake, a thing which I disregard the fact that he is my in-law but he deserve to be behind bars in any of those very maximum prisons in my country, though some other people tries to reason that if the guy would be convicted and jailed, my sisters may be the ones to suffer a lot. They said issues like these happen a lot and it is the wisdom of our society that they are swept under the carpet or mat. This made my whole body soaked in anger that I have never been. I was comforted by some friends who pleaded with me that such things are so much deep rooted in our society and that’s the more reason I should take my brother=in-law to task as an example that those who prey on young girls must be taken to task. I went ahead to law enforcers to report that there is a beast who boasts of a brace in impregnating a young sister and a maid all under his own roof and the story was published in the local press to teach other men of the same manner. Thank God Web 2.0 is here now to discuss such issues!

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  • pelamutunzi
    Apr 15, 2013
    Apr 15, 2013

    thank you for bringing this issue to light. the man was not going to stop here and many others would have fallen victim to his pervert ways. also is your sister not scared of venereal diseases. its a pity what some women go through. a car cannot buy the happiness and health in the world. also the betrayal is just too much

  • kati.mayfield
    Apr 17, 2013
    Apr 17, 2013

    Dear Olive,

    The wisdom is YOURS, not your society's, if you have to convince it that your brother-in-law's behavior was unacceptable. You are brave to have challenged the beliefs and taboos of your society.

    Thank you for sharing such a personal story. You have already taken steps to stop injustice against women and I applaud you for that.

    In solidarity,


  • Olive Makhela
    Apr 17, 2013
    Apr 17, 2013

    Thank you so much for the feedback!

    Lets keep the fire burning!


  • Becky
    Apr 29, 2013
    Apr 29, 2013

    wow that was a very nerve wrenching story! I was getting angry too! It is good to see the courage you exuded! Some of us cannot be bought off with money. You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing this!