Web 2.0 - Women's World

I am most excitely about this site because of its uniqueness. moreso, Web 2.0 is dynamic! It is a platform that makes me feel at-home because it entails global issues through the eyes of women -both young and old irrespective of the color, size and location. This is one of the most interactive, educative sites for women that i have ever visited. And, I'm so proud to be a part of her now. It makes me feel welcomed. Indeed, Web 2.O is Women's World.

Since the inception of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc, Statistics has it that the number of people that use the internet has greatly increased in the pass few years with Facebook taking the lead with over 400million users. And, it is no gain saying that we now have greater percentage of women using the internet. Therefore, if Web 2.0 can be properly advertised and showcased, it can serve as a good platform to celebrate women, and create an effective platform for women to interact, share and positively impact their communities.

Web 2.0 serves as a good platform to help women raise their voices! We've been shut up for so long, we've been marginalised and ill-treated in different parts of the world. Now, that Internet is almost in every home. Web 2.0 seems to be the much awaited tool needed to relate our views to the world. It is high time we are heard on the street and on the mountaintop. We are advocate of change and with Web 2.0 women can lend a hand to fellow women from other nations and help improve the world.

With Web 2.0. I look forward to becoming a better woman, well informed and more creative in my approach to effecting positive changes in global issues.

With Web 2.0: Welcome to Women's World...

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Hi Olowotee,

I love the enthusiasm in this piece of writing. "It is high time we are heard on the street and on the mountaintop." - great sentence, very inspiring. Keep up your good words!



Dear Olowotee,

First off, your smile is beautiful! Moving on, you are quite right about Web 2.0 being a woman's world. It has allowed women all over the world to come together on a global platform and share initiatives, ideas, experiences, and most importantly, a sense of oneness. And, I love your enthusiasm! It clearly reflects an internal struggle towards becoming a true advocate of change, as well as motivating other women to do the same. Thanks for the inspiration!

Love and peace, Mirchii

Thank you so much for your kind words.

I believe there is alot that we women can do to cause the change that the world crave for. The world has been waiting for such a time as this, when women will rise up in their numbers and be the CHANGE that the world needs. We've had men as leaders for a longer time, Now it's time....for women to cause the change. I'm so proud to be a woman. Sure, you are too...:)

Warm regards