Promoting Tolerance & Diversity in Globalized Societies!

Olumide Emmanuel
Posted September 9, 2010 from Nigeria

The root of globalization is often said to be McLuhan’s fantastic treatise in which he opined that the world could be centralized via computer. In its wake, globalization is bridging the yawning gap between peoples and cultures. Tolerance to say in my view simply means “a social cultural and religious term applied to a collective and individual practice of not persecuting those who may not approve.” While diversity “is the presence of a wide range of variation in the qualities of attributes under discussion.” As it were at any moment one can readily be brought face to face with other people and the attendant diverse culture and since the world become a “global village” learning to live together with our difference begin to be relevant more than decades before now.

One of the worst forms of discrimination is one borne out of prejudice along racial, religious and economic divides! Especially for age long arguments and stereotypes, a bit of self education and enlightenment can begin to make us appreciate that it is the diversities that make our society with habiting, consider for instance, a society of whites, homogeneous Christians’ is this not monotonous and suffocating?

Again, when we appreciate that the beauty of living at all is a variety, and then of course everybody should spice up everything therefore no more G8, developing economics and such stereotype, people should be given a fair leverage in what they do and in organization they belong, in the UN for instance, the security council cannot be the preserve of only certain countries, after all “variety is said to be spice of life”.

More than ever before faith based organizations must not loose tempo in imparting the true value of their religion especially as most of them have been reveled to be rooted in love of God and tolerance for “unbelieving people”. The world’s justice delivery system also must begin to purge itself of favoritism, bias and all unfair practices, “what is source for the goose must also be source for the gander” conscious effort must be made to make openings that will accumulate all shades of opinions. A situation where people begin to view happening far away from home as concerning them should be encouraged, Africa must pay more than a gazing interest in the Middle East and even beyond affair’s. The Middle East should understand that the hostility in the long run would amount to “spitting their noses to save their faces”.

Learning to live together will have to do with point in other to bring the globe a good society for fellows to comprehend. Point listed:

  1. WE MUST HAVE PAINS FOR OTHERS: We need to support each others, comfort each other, and work hand in hand to help those that are most in needs during difficulties. If we cultivate this habit it brings good livings and make the societies be in good communication. It will even take total appearance or difference between the poor and the rich.

  2. WE MUST LEARN TO PERSIST: Talking about persistence, it directs us straight to the races, religions, ethnicities, sexual orientations and those with special needs. We must embrace persistence towards this entire race mentioned above. As we can see that it is very critical to protect our classmates and fellow neighbours from harassment, the issue of tolerance and inclusion go beyond this period in our national life together. If we are persistence, we can see that learning to live together will be very easy for us.

  3. BULLYING PREVENTION: Bullying is an early form of aggressive, violent behavours. It can be emotional, physical or verbal. It harms both the victim and the bully, if it continues, becomes a habit. Therefore, let us avoid being an easy target using posture, voice and eye contact; let us make sure we avoid ungodly places. Do not obey the word bully, run away rather comply. Learn to make positive and responsible friends so that our coming together as one nation will be effective.

  4. SCRUTINIZE CHILDREN FEARS: Fear is one of the earlier emotions, and with a little help from caregivers. If this continue germinating the live of the children that will make the globe become one in future will be very bad. Unpleasant feelings will continue to spring forth. Let us deal with fear at the early stage of live.

  5. WE MUST HELP IN DIVERSE PROJECT: Is the part of healing process. Moving and working with neighbours, member of each societies and classmates who are from diverse group or culture help in making positive and improvement in bringing the understanding of all societies

More so, no society can exist in isolation and that is to say no nation is entirely self sufficient and completely exclusive in every respect, people and nations must exchange ideas and trade across borders, this persuades us as people and a nations to be accommodating and tolerating.


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  • Carri Pence
    Sep 09, 2010
    Sep 09, 2010

    What a beautiful and inspiring piece, which we can all take note of and learn from. To understand and value the beauty of diversity is to know peace. We, as the international community, have a long way to truly recognize the importance of racial, cultural, economic, environmental, and religious diversity, but it can be done and as you pointed out, it has to start with out children. The power of molding our future is that of teaching children right from wrong, through both dialogue and action. But, how is this feasible, when their older generations are so blind to teach the horrific power of negative stereotypes? Furthermore, to tell our mind not to group people due to the color of their skin or what they wear, where our mind is mathematical and groups objects as a way to perceive the world.

    With support and strength, Carri Pence

  • Olumide Emmanuel
    Sep 10, 2010
    Sep 10, 2010

    I am very happy to see your contribution. Thanks and God bless you.