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What do you gain from this your Worldpulse? if you think that any one will come to feed your children for you, you better start another dream? if every woman in the world is sitted glue to their worldpulse, who would feed the family? Eveer since you joined this your Worldpulse, what have you been able to save in your Bank account? What if this people are not existing? What if they do not even care about you?

Questions and questions of which I do not have any answers or explanations before, but I now believe that God is the rewarder of the dilligent.

Jensine Larsen, the CEO of Worldpulse sent a mail to me early this year, asking I f I would love to visit USA later this year. I was shocked, it has been my dream to hug Jensine but not so soon, I will still have to work and save some money. She replied that there is an opportunity and I was nominated.

Last week, ILEAP accepted the nomination and I was selected for the next year iLEAP Fellowship! It was a dream come true. The Director of iLEAP phoned me to confirm my place and I was even on admission in hospital after 2 months of rigorous training on Tie and Dye. But the phone call from Britt in Seattle, Washington healed me from all the sicknesses and I left the hospital that night.

The journey is not an easy ride.

December 2008, my husband came in to inform me that he saw a website where every woman there were like me, they speak like me, reason like me and write like me. I was curious and demanded to know the web address. He said it was www.worldpulse.com.

I joined but could not post anything because of fear I developed during my teething period in Social Developmental work.

The best way to start was to start posting my poems (those poems that were written and kept under the bed). My earlier posts were so much appreciated that I began to wonder whether, Jade, Jensine, Jennifer, Janice and all the J you can think of were just decieving me or encouraging me, but hte more I wirte the more I became better adn I began to build my self esteem. The pounding chest reduced and the uncontrollable fear and tear reduced drastically.

There is a kiind of spiritaul healing on Wolrdpulse.

All I needed was to open up, be myself, be transparent and not be the usual normal Nigerian. There is a strange talent I am endowed with, it is unequalled dedication and the more I do that the more everyoone around me feels that I am not normal or that it is pretense, but that is me. I commit myself to whatever I do and that include my volunteering works with several organisations too. My prayer is that every one would work as if their life depends on it, laugh as if it is the rope that hold their life and live as if there is not other life after this World.

Worldpulse built my confidence, I iwll always remeber that, when Iwas selected as one of the Voices of our Future in 2009, I wept! it felt so strange because I was made to feel that I could write NO GOOD! There is a strange fire that burns in Worldpulse and it is igniting like whirlwind and catching both women and worldwide.

Worldpulse became my surname, my permanent bookmark and a place of refuge in time of sorrow. I read and laugh and discovered that I am not the poorest and not the worls and that the rivh often cry too.

Today, I am happy to tell my Worldpulse team and sisters that everyone around me do not know what I GAIN FROM WORLDPULSE. My sister in law once told me that a time will come when my daughters would make jest of me for helping people to build their life while I have no car, no house, no cloth to will to my children. In my penury, I still find the heart ot tell her that if monetary gain where my ambition, I would have faced my business of selling and buying but the only joy and peace I have is supporting women and children adn making this world a better place than I met it.

Early 2012, by the special grace of God, I will hug Jensine, Jade, Ma K Lee Starland, (who has even promised to fly to Seattle to visit me) Corine, Ankur, Scott, Natalie Safir, and You. If you can just come over to meet the Worldpulse and iLEAP teams.

Jensine Larsen, what else can I say other than to direct my questioners to you.

The unsanswered questions may still be; what are you always looking for on Worldpulse website? Do you think this people exist? are you sure they have time for you? what do you stand to gain by being so committed to all these women? (only this I can comfortably answer; I have sisters and brothers in more than 80 countries, and I have decided to re-draw the map of my family members, my family members are not only those Africans, my family members include all my brothers and sisters here and I have mothers and fathers too)

I seize this opportunity to thank my Amazon, Jenisne Larsen, to thank my brothers and sisters on Worldpulse for their unflinching support, I love you all. lastly, I will also thank Britt Yamamoto and the iLEAP team, they said I made a huge impression on them through my application.

This is just the begining. Worldpulse is just starting and we all are growing together.

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  • Usha K.C.
    Apr 25, 2011
    Apr 25, 2011

    gud luck friend and go always higher!! WP is really so amazing,,, amazing,,,,,, n amazing,,,,,,

  • Vivian Emesowum
    Apr 27, 2011
    Apr 27, 2011

    congratulation sister, you deserve it, keep it up

  • Olutosin
    Apr 27, 2011
    Apr 27, 2011

    I appreiate you friends. Thanks.

  • Sharese
    Jun 01, 2011
    Jun 01, 2011

    What a beautiful testament to the power of women's voices raising together. Congrats on your achievements and I wish you a blessed and powerful journey!

    In peace and love,


  • Olutosin
    Jun 01, 2011
    Jun 01, 2011

    I appreciate your comments........how come you have been so silent? Love you Loads...