Insecurity at the Nationals Security Service(s).

Make no mistake; Nigeria's insecurity level has gone beyond the critical stage. The bomb blast of today (16th June 2011) at the nationâls police headquarters has said it all. There is no security in Nigeria. Last December 31st 2010; there was a bomb blast at Sani Abacha Barracks or Mogadishu Cantonment killing over 14 people. The question is; if bombers can wreck these kinds of havoc at the bases of our security services, what then will happen to ordinary Nigerians? This year alone, Nigeria has witnessed over 5 bomb blasts. Last year (2010) the following bomb blasts were recorded. Warri Bomb Blasts, March 2010, about 8 died and many casualties. Abuja Bomb Blasts, October 1st 2010 and 31st December 2010. Over 25 people died and too many casualties. Jos Bomb blast on Christmas Eve (24/12/10), about 80 died and many injured. Yenegoa Bomb blast on Wednesday 29/12/10.

I received this mail now and while reading through it occurred to me that life continues as usual even as people are mercilessly killed in Nigeria. We did not even bother to ask ourselves like Paulo Freire of Conscientization would say; What are the root causes of this bomb blast? Who owns the bomb? who produces the bomb? who benefits from the bomb blasts? who are the casualties? what is being done to stop this level of insecurity? what can we do to end this? is there a way Nigerians can come to a dialogue and reach what South Africans call Comfortable Consensus.

Nigeria is not a nation; it is no longer news, but we can still live in unity if we want to, may be should bear in mind that there are several nations with higher population than us. Those who bury their dead are affected most, but we all are human. Nigeria should stop pretending that all is well. it is high time we return to where we are coming from if we do not know where we are going; at least we should know where we are coming from and take a U turn.

Enough of human sacrifices and blood sucking governance in Nigeria.

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Hi Sweetie

I am so sorry to hear about the bomb violence in Nigeria. Maybe the root causes lie in the "Why?" Does personal and group ego need to feel better than others? Righter than others? Anger for not being loved enough or the way he/she wanted to be loved? Who knows? Do local communities need to teach peace to their kids so they don't need bombs to feel justified in life? Can we forgive the bombers without condoning their actions? What makes the shift from violence to peace within each individual? Too many questions and too few answers?

love you girl

K-lee Starland, Ph.D.