Even after all what resulted from my ignorance The agony, pains, all night cries that followed The feelings that are of shame, despair and regret In all these and more, even about your verdicts There was a little portion that kept on saying You are strong and can survive against all odds

The happening brought down my self-esteem To deny was easier but each day brought reality Every word from man reminds me of the actuality Opening my eyes to daybreak, I wake from my dream Daily I wish I could relive life and turn the clock back But deeply inside of me, I believe I did my best.

The world collapsed with the wall of my protection Exposed, unprotected and powerless to my adversary The voice travelled less and my strength ended abruptly Decisions and more decisions that could not defend me Later on, I became free thinking of thousands of way out Now I relax, retrospect and agree that I did all I could

Though power failed and muscle became undependable The brain befuddled with a lot of solutions and escape Actually I have learnt of the powerful tactics and training Read about the way of escaping and breaking free but Realised that easier said than done until faced with reality In all these I know and believe: I could not have done better

To you, if it were you, your power and tactics would pave way It was me, and my power and strategy did all they could In whatever situation, I am through, with a new strength A new beginning, a new life, a new way of thought Came out a better informed person with strange abilities Ready to forgive self and others, as life goes on. Yes