Political leaders in Africa are set of human beings who used hunger as a weapon of power to entrench unchallengeable leadership. To experts, it may seems as if a novice in world economy is at work here, but I have watched, searched deeply, interviewed people and discovered that when a man is hungry, the children and wives are sitting watching with empty stomach, there is nothing that such a man can not engage in order to satisfy those cruel tapeworm in the belly.

Incidences in Nigeria have confirmed that men went back to their vomits after a session of hunger followed by a plate of morsel. Men and women of Iroko tree, timber and caliber that I have respected in life have disappointed me because of money and ephemeral things, activists have backed out in this race because of gifts and we continue to loose leaders to hunger and satisfaction of mundane things.

On the 28th of April, 2009 I was on a journey from Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria, in actual fact, I have read about new developments happening among some people but I have not witnessed such an ugly one as this. To understand my story, I will take you into a little history of these people, it is Ekiti State in the South Western part of Nigeria, the State produced the highest number of professors in Nigeria, it is accepted that there a professor in every family, this is the poorest state in the region but the indigenes are known for their truthfulness, if they hold unto an opinion as long as it is the truth, hardly can anyone persuade them. They are patriotic but poverty is written everywhere in Ekiti, the roads are bad; health facility is nothing to write home about in this state.

Our bus was stopped by some hooligans and I inquired where we were, the lady sitting in front said it was Oye Ekiti, it was around 11.00a.m, looking through the window, I saw women dancing in the sun, men wee beating drums very hard and children all line up on the street and in a twinkling of an eye, the first open roof car was moving very slowly towards us, suddenly, people were falling on one another, women were being trampled upon, others were crying underneath, children on the floor and behold, the man in the open roof car was throwing money at these people and they scrambled to pick the notes, it was in pack so when a man picks a pack everybody will run towards him while he would throw it to another angle again and they will rush to that side, just as ants cover sugar or is it when a bait is let into the stream. I n no time another car followed this time around, everyone ran towards him, oh this is the one they were waiting for, he was throwing more that the first man, he seems to have more crowd that the first man, he had recharge cards too, this he threw at these people and the casualties were numerous. Throwing men into the den of hungry lions you will say.

The lady beside me reminded me about re-run elections in Nigeria, it was discovered that some elected officers rigged the last election, Ekiti State election was cancelled because the governor rigged, now that there is going to be a re run he came to these people to buy their conscience. These are people who are hungry, our leaders used hunger to torture us and later feed us bread and water in order to keep the milk and honey for their unborn children and dogs, that some International funders are funding developmental projects in countries like Nigeria is amazing. We live in abundance, yet most Nigerians live below a dollar per day.

Had it been that I have a camera, I would have snapped him, this is a piece of scoop, was the next statement I uttered, the lady beside me said, oh hear you the President Musa Yar Adua will visit this State to assist in the distribution of more money, they are all the same. It happens everyday, some times it is some small sachet of rice for the ruling party members and all women scarambles for it, the presidents sickness has not stopped him from dipping his hands into the pocket to throw away monies he did not work for, definitely no human being who sweat to earn his money will ever dip hand to throw money like that, it is only oil money that can be spent the way these leader are throwing money away.

The schools in this state can no longer boast of qualified teachers, tables, chairs or even roof but our people can not talk because of hunger, my mother said that if you suffer hunger continuously, you will deny knowing the taste of rice. I watched for thirty minutes because we were not allowed to move, you can not drive when a leaders are using the road.

Hunger, poverty, lack of social amenities are some of the deliberate antics of used by some African leaders to keep the people under bondage, when a man is satisfied, he will defend his rights while a man left with leftovers can only node to the ideas of his benefactors. We will try our best, only death can shut us up and my prayer is that God will give Africa children who are ready to sacrifice for the emancipation of the people, these people are burdened by our leaders who enslave their thoughts, self esteem and values in exchange for piecemeal.