Our leaders initiate this war Young men fight the war Women and children die in this war

A woman delivered a child unassisted in the bush while fleeing the war front in Niger Delta on 26, May, 2009. Join me to hail these brave women, Great Nigerian women, Great! The president rubs powder on the face of Nigeria with constant plastered smile while the home front is boiling.

The way Nigeria is portrayed to other World leaders abroad is far from the reality we are facing here, our leaders give a different picture whereas they are even afraid of their own shadows. Women, children and septuagenarian are daily loosing their lives in the Niger Delta region for the past week.

Peace has eluded Niger Delta region of Nigeria in the past years, this is not news any longer but the fact that women and children are being satisfied daily on this altar of avertable war gives so much concern for a concerned Nigerian.

To the World, there are some hooligans, bastard, death deserving illiterates from the oil rich regions who are on kidnapping spree, they defy pacification because they are hungry greedy lots.

To some of us there are some grown up boys now who witnessed poverty in the hard way, who watched their mothers, sisters being raped by so called unknown soldiers during Obasanjo’s regime but now being spared to be alive, they grew up to avenge the death of their fathers, mothers and friends and dearth of good things. Yes good things of life!

Nigeria is a country where present and past leaders are men whose mouth does not flow with fresh blood but with fresh lies. We realized that leadership comes with lies, they either learn the lies before, during or after the election that is if they were not born liars.

They created a different allusion to the World, that these boys are never satisfied even when given the highest allocation from crude oil. These boys are not fighting for themselves they are already in money from ransoms given during kidnapping sessions, but they are angry that despite the money from their land, their people cannot boast of potable water some best hospitals in South Africa are built by past Nigerian Governor from a village that can not boast of Health Centre..

They are angry because our past leaders are now owners of most expensive Universities in Nigeria, whereas they could not afford to pay salaries of lecturers who later on deserted our universities sought better appointment abroad, these same useless past presidents left office and went back to employ those brilliant lecturers to teach in their new established universities by paying them double of what they requested for during their tenures.. Nemesis is catching up with our leaders, there bribery has no effect again, the more they bribe the more these boys become aggrieved, to the world Nigeria is poor, burdened by debt that we can never pay, but these Nigerian leaders whether present or past are even richer than the nation. Nigerian leaders wished Nigeria is their family property

To the whole World, there is relative peace in Nigeria but to us we know that there is no respite, for the past nine days the Niger Delta region has been boiling, Nigeria declares war on her children in that region, the militants.

Our lives do not count, though the fewer the merrier but must we be murdered by our leaders? Our leader will lie to these boys that there is amnesty for them; this is pronounced widely while they are killed secretly and silently.

Nigerian leaders believe thy can get rid of these ones but the more they are killed the more they are replaced by worse and wicked ones. Forcados and Excravos are no longer safe, it is better for expatriate to relocate for their own sake.

In our privacy we wish these ones overpower our leaders and get rid of them for us, Nigerian leaders must know now that the ordinary Nigerian on the street hates them more than they hate us.

They wish us dead so that the loot will not be questioned but we wish they sleep and never wake up so that they will realize that as leaders they are enthroned by a higher authority to oversee the affairs of some people who are precious to God too.

To our leaders, we are a burden to them but to us they are our burden, we are used as laborer in their vineyard to amass wealth for their generations unborn. Nigerian leaders are like recycling bin, they hand over power by picking their favorites from the bin, iif he is still alive, if not they pick the next of kin. Whereas they lie to the world that it is well, it is their choice, they are not our choices, they are make up experts, deceiving the world.

If one of our president's children died in the forest while fleeing from Warri, Delta State on Monday, May 23, 2009, that would have made headline and a lasting solution found to this ever present problem, but the World should note that if an elephant eats the grasses directly under it, surely it will somersault. Our leaders are biting more than they can chew, Nigeria’s unity was won on the

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To a concerned Nigerian:

You have a powerful voice. I hope you have been able to use it to help the situation in Nigeria. Do you and the others in your community contact the government? Do they listen?

Thank you for sharing what are you seeing there with us.


Dear Jenna,

Nigeria leaders are like Ostrich, they hide their heads in sands, we are all trying our best possible, it got to a point I got involved with those who are hell bent on starting a bloody revolution this I also shared here, to me a bloody revolution will cost the lives of women and children, but posterity will always remember that, I tried my best.

Our lives are valueless to them, they deceive even themselves and the World will almost believe they are sincere. The progressive are trying to create the new Nigeria.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https: