If you have a well behaved child, it is good let the World know about her, that is the adage of our African mothers. We have a good governor in Lagos state, new happenings in Lagos these days shows that we have a good child and the world should know, the new face of Lagos can turn news reporter to a blatant liar!

Sweeper vehicles in Lagos, I do not mean toys or vacum cleaners, I am so thrilled that I intend to bring my mother who lives in my village to Lagos in order to have a glimpse of thhis before she finally leaves mother earth.

It was on my way to the office this morning when I saw some brand new buses plying FESTAC Town road, curiosity took the better part of me as I stretched my head through the window to get a glimpse at “tear rubber” (brand new) vehicles. To my greatest amazement, they are beautiful street sweepers, glittering like water fetched from early in the morning stream.

The World must know that new things are coming the way of Lagosians! Sweepers vehicles not women sweepers in masquerades uniform covering faces to avoid being recognized by familiar faces but new vehicles sweeping our streets, we are beginning a new journey, may these never seize.

I can proudly invite foreigners to visit Lagos, I will not be ashamed, it is not as if all is done but women threshing palm kernel leaves with one leg at a time, they do not jump out with two legs.

It is a normal occurence these days to see Waste Management vehicles parade the street of Lagos to pick bins of the rich and the poor alike just with the payment of a token. Some people said these were plans of the former governor but it made no difference to me as long as they are implemented by him.

Nigerians are used to new leaders abandoning the on-going projects of former ones and the resources wasted in order to award such contracts to their relations. It is a normal occurence to Launch a completed project four times just to deceive the people they are working, but for once my friends, I have no reservations about Lagos State. A progressive is in power in this State.

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Tosin i visited Nigeria in April for a month. I was in Lagos for 2 weeks. It seems to me that the governor is just concentrating his re branding to lagos island. Festac is still as filthy as ever, Ojo road down to ijaniki area is still bad. To be fair to Fashola though he is doing a good job in Lagos.



My Dear Sister,

Thanks for your comment. I moved to FESTAC in 1990, I am still in FESTAC now, I believe I can authoritatively talk about changes in the town. FESTAC got to a point, we had to cover our noses on the streets!

But if today, as early as 7' o clock in the morning, there are more than forty men and women dressed in uniform, sweeping every nooks and crannies of the town, which has never happened in the past 20 years, I can say there is great change. If someone peels banana and drops it on her way to the market, while coming back, the sweepers has swept it, I make no mistake about the change.

If a government can provide fully air-conditioned buses in FESTAC, plying Oshodi, CMS etc, for the first time in my stay in there, I am correct about changes in our time. Can you see the drainage system? I have met the Governor in the road to this Ojo, on a bike on a Sunday, he is working on how to change the road to 10 lanes though I learnt it is a World Bank assisted, a Governor on a bike in Nigeria, my sister!

To crown it all I saw sweeper vehicles in FESTAC, my sister these leaders disappointed us, but when I see changes now I have decided to celebrate in order to encourage progressive leaders.

Thank God you know the history of Nigeria, The earth is of the Lord and those that knows the history, how many Governors since they have all become eat and die have done these things for our people?

I have never seen or know this Governor but I can say he is working, if your child is good, it is good to say it. We were here when Alaimeyesegha of Bayelsa dressed in a woman’s wrapper to beat security in London after he was arrested for keeping millions of pounds in his apartment, Governor in Nigeria spent 360 million naira to build a floor in his hotel, last month when his people are ravishing in penury, I understand issues in Nigeria, atimes I wonder, why do we hate to say the good things some people are doing?


Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

With all the bad things we hear about Nigeria, it is refreshing to read about some good that is being done. Thank you for sharing this Olutosin and let's hope it's the start of a movement back towards the people, and away from the pockets of the governors.

Olutosin, I am happy to hear that there are movements happening in your beautiful country to make certain aspects of life more balanced. I really enjoy hearing your updates about your experience of changes in Lagos. Much Love, Jocelyn

Though this is an overdue celebration, but when I good things I appreciate such initiative to encourage the performer and point to those leaders dong nothing that it is possible to make good things happen to our people.. Love you and Thanks

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https: